Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Thoughts with Kim. Renee' Eah

Thursday Thoughts

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Happy Halloween

~As I ease back into blogging I just could not keep up with the rigorous pace of blogging.  It was becoming stressful so I have pulled back.  My goal is to post at least once a week and Renee' Well you will have to ask her....We may never hear from here again.  LOL

~I have started selling Origami Owl and I have been enjoying it.  Being a former employee in a direct sell corporate office I know the back side of direct sell and the face of direct sell.  I really liked this company because of the ease of selling and being a consultant.  If you would like to follow along my OO journey you can LIKE my Facebook Page HERE  My goal is to get to 75 followers (currently at 49) so if you get a chance go help me out.  

~Besides (can you tell I don't like to be board?) this my neighbor Lynn and I have started a little crafty Hobby selling Customized Acrylic Cups and Water bottles.  You can see those HERE which have been pretty exciting to make.  We just got into a local boutique selling spirit wear cups for the local High Schools  WHOOP WHOOP our first shop.  We don't plan on making millions just to provide everyone in TeXas with one of our cups.  LOL  Again if you get a chance we would love to have you follow us on Facebook.

~I wanted to share those with you because that what has been consuming my life besides my BoYs. 

~Just cause I know you were wondering NO people still don't use their turn signals in TeXas.  Infuriating I wish....Never Mind.  Trying to not be so negative. LOL 

~Yes you card swappers out there we are starting the Swaps back up....So if you are interested go to our Chatty Crafters Facebook page and Message me with your email.  I will get you added to our monthly Card Swap email.

~ I am sure there will be more to add because I think all the time that would be something good to share...Now that I have my phone upgraded with Suri I can now dictate instead of type...Blogging goes much faster.  

At the End of the Day...I am glad to be back blogging...~Kim from TeXas

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  1. I have been wondering where you were! Looks like you've been keeping busy! LOVE those cups!