Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CooKing with KiM ~Vegan Tofu Stuffed Peppers

Well my intentions were good with this recipe but it just did not have the WOW factor so of course it has not been made again.  But I will share my recipe with you.

Green Peppers were the best looking thing EVER look at those colors.  YUM

Garlic sautéed for a bit before the Tofu

Catchup and spices

Vegan Cheese (maybe the brand?) 

ToFu Saute for a bit

Mix with the Sauce





And there you have it.  Over all it really needed a TON more spices but for a mom who is Vegetarian/Vegan trying to eat clean I have to make it SIMPLE.  These are recipes for the MOMs who need the convenience of boxed pre-made stuff.  Again not great but I am still trying...If anyone knows a great cookbook using everyday convenience stuff that is Clean and can make it Veg/Vegan super Fast MOM style let me know.  I am running out of ideas. HELP ME  Thanks!!

 ~Thats All for today from My Kitchen In TeXas ~Kim

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