Sunday, May 19, 2013

Social Sunday with Kim & Renee'

Sunday Social

Today we Renee' and I (Kim) are participating in Social Sunday. 

Thank you to Neely and Ashley for hosting some fun questions.

1. What is your favorite kind of surprise?

Renee: My favorite kind of surprise is when someone brings me something unexpectedly. It can be simple like an iced tea:) Just something when I don't expect it.  A Happy Surprise!

Kim: When Renee' shows up at my door unannounced.  

2. Flowers or Chocolate?
Renee: Are you kidding? Chocolate! I like flowers but they die quickly and my cats knock them down.

Kim: Chocolate...YUM

3. What is your favorite summertime activity?

Renee: My favorite summertime activity is sleeping. Once the school year is over I get to catch up on some 'ZZZZ'sss':)

Kim: Swimming in our pool...Since moving to TeXas we can spend a lot more time out doors.

4. Do you have any vacations planned this summer?

Renee: Yep, Going to California with the family. LA and Palm Desert area

Kim: Possibly going to Destin Florida and Chicago to see all my friends.

5. Favorite Summer Holiday?

Renee: Is there another summer holiday besides Fourth of July??? I enjoy barbeques and watching fireworks.

Kim: HuMMm I think there is only one...4th of July

6.What is your Dream Vacation?

Renee: Exploring other countries, especially Greece and then staying on some remote island like I see pictures of on Pinterest

Kim: Bora Bora and Cruising Northern Europe, Scandinavian countries, and Russia.

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