Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts with KiM and Renee

Thursday Thoughts

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~I have been in TeXas for almost a year and I had to go get my drivers license before I was caught driving with an Illinois one.  Everyone has scared me to pretty much pack a picnic lunch because I was going to be there FOR EV ER.   I loaded my purse with Magazines, newspaper, food, drink, charged phone and off I went.  Dropped the kids off at school and drove there.  As I was pulling in the parking lot...not as many cars as I was expecting.  Went inside...entered my phone number in the kiosk and went to take a seat.  My phone # was called and I walked up to the desk.  They gave me a ticket number and a form to fill out. 

I went and sat down thinking "wow there is no one here"  Before I could fill out the form they were calling my number to go see the licensing agent.  I was in and out of the Drivers License place in 20 minutes.  WOOO WHOOO. 

Yes I have all this extra time I can go get the new tires I needed so badly on the truck SUV.  I headed over there and was derailed because it took them 3 hours.  I was falling asleep in the chair, read all my magazines, at all my snacks, drank all my water...I went in and the temperature was 83 degrees.  I came out it was poring rain and 51 degrees.  UGH  Really...I was in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops but at least I would not be hydroplaning with my new tires.  I was so EXHAUSTED from sitting there just waiting.

~I am looking for some more link ups that are small.  We participate in two but they have so many people participating that we are just a face in a crowd.  Let me know if you host or participate in one that is smaller like Jennifer's at Rambling of a Suburban Mom

~Last night my  youngest son who does not say a word during school, or out in public, or at football practice...will talk my ear off the second he gets into the house.  I decided that I would paint my toes because my nail polish was old and I needed an update.  So Chatty follows me into the bathroom and decides that he wants one of his nails painted.  HUH? Head Tilt Really?  As a mom of Boys there is always that fine line of... Yes they are dressing up in my friends girls tutus when they were 4-6, yes they like to play with dolls when they are at my friends houses with girls...but never have they asked about nail polish.

So trying not to make a big deal out if it I tell him to pick out what color he wants.  I keep taking off my nail polish.  He starts asking questions.
HIM: How long will this stay on?
ME: ForEVER or until you take it off with this stuff (showing him nail polish remover as I am removing my toe nail polish)

ME: Did you pick out a color you like
HIM: Yes - Wait Wait

ME: If you put this on you can not touch anything for a while because it will be wet and smear
HIM: Okay maybe just my Thumb

ME: Okay give me your polish and Thumb
HIM: (As I am approaching his Thumb with the Polish) OKAY no I don't want any...How about I just paint your toes.

ME: (in my head)..OMG I just want to get this done....My toes are going to be a MESS. (out loud) Sure.

I show him how to paint the color on my one foot and let him loose on the other.  I am trying to remain calm as he get the polish and starts gingerly painting my toes.

HIM: Ooops I got some on your toe.
ME: (in my head) UGH yes EVERYWHERE but the nail. (out loud) No Problem I will just use my nail and clean it up.

HIM: As he is painting my toes...Mom I like painting.
ME: I can get you some paints to use instead of my toes??  LOL

HIM: OOPS I just spilled some on the floor
ME:  (in my head) of course you did (out loud) No Problem pulled out the nail polish remover and wiped the floor with it.

After a few minutes he was bored and took off.  Me now looking at my poor left foot in Nail Polish Ruin.  I tried to get as much as I could cleaned up but this morning there is still remnant of the Teaching my youngest son to paint toe nails experiment.

Well I hope that is done for a while.

~This past weekend I ran in a 5K at night in Houston...Yes it was crazy scary at night with 6000 people running all around by the reliant center.  But we did it and it has unleashed the running dear new friend has decided that we need to start running more 5ks...then with in the same sentience/breath has changed that to 10K, then jumped right to training for a half.  UGH...I am all for running and love getting the swag bags...but the HUMID HOT HOUSTON summer is beginning to rear its ugly head...though I do run well in the heat...You can ask Renee' about the day (the only day EVER) that I ran more than her and she had to turn to head home while I finished our run.  It by far was the first and the last time that happened....but I cherish it like it was yesterday...Ummmm.

So now you all will begin to hear about my running and hopefully I can begin training for the half...Renee' I need that guys web site for the half training. (well see if Renee' reads my blog and gets me that training schedule)

OH and I was so excited as we were walking up to the race they had FOOD TRUCKS!!  OH YEAH there were 3 of I ran up to look at the menu.  One had a great veggie meal but there was no way that I was going to eat that much after I ran at 9 at night...So I opted for The Waffle Bus.  I splurged and had Waffle Fries.  One day though I will have their Chicken and Waffle plate that looks SOOOO YUMMY....Thanks Food trucks for being there it made my night.


~I have a sore knee today. I am totally bummed. I ran yesterday and then was working on cleaning up the basement so between the two things I jacked up my knee!!! Ugh!!

~I lost 1.8pds. this week. Very excited because I have three losses in a row!

~I am sad because we lost our finished basement when our sump pump couldn't keep up with the flooding rains we had this past week. Lots of work!!!

~I am happy because my family is all in tact and doing well!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I would run a 5K if it involved food trucks!!!!!

  2. OMG. Thats terrible about the basement. It has been monsooning in Indiana also and our back yard is a lake. This never happens or at least it hasn't in the 5 years we have lived in our house.

    Awesome food trucks and sweet grab bags would totally motivate me to do a 5K....just saying.