Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KiMs Veggie Review

This Week was a great week of Veggies...Fruit was okay but not in season yet is my guess.  

Just to give you a quick idea I order home delivered fresh fruit and vegetables every other week to our house. We used to have this in Illinois and they still do (email me if you want the link).  But since moving here from Illinois I was having a hard time to find some home delivery that I did not have to go pick up.  Call me CraZy but when it comes to grocery shopping I HATE it.  Biggest time suck EVER!!  In come and my prayers have been answered by the food god.  

I like to post what we receive and let you all know about the AMAZING goodness that comes with real fruit and veggies.  The thing that I always have to get over is the way the fruit and veggies look.  Remember they are picked and delivered...there is no coating with wax and spraying them to look pretty.  This is raw UGLY looking but soooo tasty fruits and veggies.

Here is a picture of one of the meals I have made from some of this weeks veggies.

Here is my box from Greenling I have ordered my box to come every other week. It cost $34.99  They are offering 10% off when you sign up through my "Refer a Friend" Link. If you are thinking of trying some home delivery here is your chance.  

Here is the description of what is directly from their website...

Greenling is an online-based, home delivery service of local and organic groceries. We source directly from the same Houston-area, sustainable farmers and producers you'd see at the farmer's market. You can choose exactly the groceries you want, and we'll bring your order to your home with FREE delivery! 
Greenling offers more than just produce-- we carry all the healthy, local foods your family enjoys. Offering the largest selection of local and organic products anywhere, prices comparable to the grocery store, and FREE delivery - Greenling makes eating well and saving time and money a breeze.
So with out further wait Here is what I received in my Local Box...

Do you get local fruit N veggie delivery?  Are you thinking about getting a delivery?  

~Kim from TeXas

Disclaimer: there are links in this post. I will receive 10% off if you join and you will too. I am not compensated these opinions are my own. 

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