Saturday, April 20, 2013

DeeP ThoughTs by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

~Don't you hate when you get all of the requests for the PTA to donate money or the school to donate money. I feel like I'm having my Catholic Guilt but for the school. Ugh. Will it ever end all the guilt. LOL.

~Woo hoo dear H just said to me again last night that I need to get myself a pair of cowboy boots. Yippee. Little does he know they cost Millions $$$.

Hopefully will be sporting my BIG ole Belt Buckle soon.

~I about pissed my pants laughing tonight. My youngest fell asleep on the couch. When I try to wake him up to walk upstairs (because he is heavy) he is so discombobulated, after I finally get him up he starts walking towards the windows and the dog. 

I think oh how cute he is going to give the dog a good night hug. 

Oh nope he was heading for the windows, he stopped before hitting them then turns around. Frumping around he looks back at the couch and I have to guide him towards the stairs before he veers off course. 

We head upstairs and I remind him that he needs to go pee before bed and he already has his pjs on. (The boys have a jack n jill bathroom the sinks open up towards their rooms and the tub and toilet are in the middle with doors) I guide him towards the bathroom while I go and get his covers ready. 

Enter oldest son ohh I will go get the shower going for him. As I walk (laughing again hysterically while I am typing this) towards the sink part of the bathroom and see my son facing the sink and mirror about ready to pee. 

I become hysterical turrets mom and scream (still laughing hysterically crying so funny while typing) 


Poor kid that must have woke him out of his sleep. He is so startled he shakes and falls to the floor. 

Now I am laughing hysterically trying to tell him that is not the toilet and in between my bouts of reoccurring hysteria tried to get him up and lead him to the actual toilet. 

Thanks for a good crying belly laugh little one.

~Bootcamp is back for the next 6 week session and I am renewed and will be working hard to get this extra fat that does not want to leave my body off.  LEAVE MY BODY YOU STUBBORN FAT.  yeah that did not work...really what do I have to do besides starve myself.  I am already not eating meat, dairy, only eating tofu, veggies and drinking green tea.  What else am I missing.  I have decided to start eating on our small plates so I don't eat out of portion control.  I also need to make things I don't like so I won't be wanting to eat so much of it. back to boot camp.  My assessment was today and I did 30 push ups (real ones) in 2 minutes, 45 sit ups (I think it was around that number) in 2 minutes, and ran 7.51 (minutes.seconds) almost a full mile.  

After the run I was coughing up a lung and was pretty sure my lungs were bleeding...all I could taste was metal and I was not licking a pole...My LUNGs were BURNING  ugh...seriously...that is not good.  

We had to put down our goals for the next six weeks...Mine suck my stomach muscles in all the time or at least every time I remember and start adding my running back into my workout.  I miss running (wish renee' was here to run with me).  I am going to (if Renee' remembers to get it for me) this run walk program...that would be good for me I would not keel over or cough up a bloody lung.  LOL

WELL that is all my Deep Thoughts (ha) for today...Let me know what is going on in your life...

At the End of the Day...I hope I am not permanently hurting my lungs. ~Kim from TeXas.

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