Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts ~ Linking Up

Thursday Thoughts

We are linking up today with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts

Thank you for having us.

~First off this is now so stressful because I "thought" there would be a list of things that I would answer or guide me to my thoughts.  Now I have to "Free Style" as Mike and Frank would say from American Pickers. Which I watch that show all the time and think I can be a Picker.  Dear H and I dream of retirement picking.  LOL

~ I can tell you that there is no way Renee' will be participating. ( Got you there Kim! Here I am!!) I have texted her and we will see if she adds anything to my thoughts. Here is a picture of her in case you forgot what she looks like. (Nice, picture, my belly hanging out and everything!! Lovely!!)She is going to LOVE this one.  It really portrays why she is my friend.  LOVE & Miss You RAY!! (Love you too, Kim!! Miss you everyday, especially with all the crazies up here!!)

~ We (KiM & Family) are big campers and we used to own a camper named Campy. Yes we named our camper.  Here is a Picture. (That is the hillbilly in you, Kim:))It was so fun and we miss it.  So we are planning a Camping trip with a rented camper but one that you drive.  For any men reading this post here is a picture of the Truck we used to have that pulled Campy.  My poor H every time he sees a truck like this one he is pulled into longing memory of this wonderful truck.  In Illinois our house was made of aluminum siding and wood.  Pretty much in the morning when you would start the truck up (diesel) it would shake the whole house and wake the neighborhood. Not to mention that if you stand on the roof of the truck you could pretty much walk into the second floor if there was a door.  The truck was so tall we could not fit it in the garage.

~UGH I hate when pictures don't want to be placed in Blogger where I want them to go.  They jump around and it DRIVES me CRAZY. Hence the Camper picture and the Truck Picture totally not cooperating today.

~ Kinda Madd that Express just returned my size 8 jeans and did not send me the size 4 for exchange.  What is that all about??  Are they trying to tell me something?  I WILL make it to a size 4 Express ReRock Jeans I tell you!!  Now I am down a pair and still can't fit in my others. It better get warm soon I have a lot more shorts than jeans. ( I would love to be in a size 8, my dear, but unfortunately I love eating too much)

~ So Excited we are up to 50 Likes on our Facebook page (Yes, we are the bomb!!!)and yesterdays blog post on A is for Awesome We had two comments. This week has been HUGE for us.  Thank you to everyone who has Liked and Commented.

Well that is all from me ~Kim from TeXas
At the EnD of the DaY this was so much fun and I hope that I can get Renee' to post behind me and Join In.  
All I have to say is yeehaw!! No, just kidding. Remember the other day when I mentioned the snow? Well, my kids' school got called off for a snow day and there was not even snow on the ground!! I think that these people need to have their "Illinois"cards revoked. Kind of like the "man" card. REALLY??? School was cancelled the night before and when I woke up to go to my school there wasn't even any snow on the ground. Unbelievable!! It was a ghost town!! It was the fastest I have ever gotten to my school, I will tell you that!! At the end of the day, a Kimism, it did snow a lot but because we were highly anticipating the snow, the roads were fine. Well, that's all I got from Illinois today. Take it easy and see Kim, I did respond!! So, imagine me sticking my tongue out at you right now!! See ya later!!  Renee~from Illinois

Welcome to all our New Readers!!


  1. I have been camping *maybe* once. It's just not my thing. But maybe a camper would be more fun than a tent? I mean I guess it has to be right?

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. It is WAYYYY More fun than tenting. We used to be tenters then we have upgraded to Camping in Style as I call it. Not Hillbilly like Renee' seems to think. LOL

  3. That truck is exactly what my husband wants! (and will never get. Well, maybe if the price of gas ever goes back down) And I refuse to go camping without things like outlets, indoor toilets, and showers, so a Camper is definitely the way to go!

    1. Leigh if my husband could have shed a tear for that truck he would have. We were living in Illinois and he drove all the way to the middle of Indiana for that truck. I remember it being super hard to find and we bought it used. :)