Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A is for Awesome ~ Finding Money$$

Years ago not sure when it started happening but our youngest would be a money magnet.  We would be out anywhere and he could spot a penny on the ground a mile away.  It is now guaranteed that when we go out shopping or anywhere he will pretty much find some coins.

It is some weird thing I don't know how he does it but he is constantly finding money.  He also has found other things besides money...we have rings, other cheap trinkets.

The best penny find is we are at the Michigan Dunes on lake Michigan walking the lake front.  All of a sudden my youngest comes over to me with a penny he found on the beach.  Really?  I am telling you I think the coins want to be found and not live a life buried in sand/dirt/sewers.

Now I find myself also finding money and since moving here I have found about 12 cents just at boot camp.  It amazes me how much money people just leave lying around.

My H has gotten into this also while driving in Wisconsin he saw a dollar bill and stopped the car got out and retrieved the dollar bill.

The most amazing money finding story is my oldest.  I was picking them up from school on a very COLD GLOOMY day in Illinois and he was looking out of the car window.  All of a sudden he says "mom stop I saw a $5 bill on the side of the road"  I am thinking Yeah RIGHT.  So to the stop sign he is trying to convince me that there was really a five dollar bill.  Now there was no way I could just stop the car...there are 50 million moms behind me picking up their kids from school.   You must keep moving.

FINE I take a right and go around the block saying that I am going to pull up around the corner and you will have to run over there and look.  I could not block the main street during parent pick up.  (you moms know how that one goes)  I park and he runs out of the car and I watch him as he is looking on the side of the grass next to the street.  He's looking, looking, looking and I can see him about to give up...TILL WHAM he finds it and starts running back. NO FLIPPING WAY $5 BUCKS!!!  AWESOME!!  That by far was our largest single find.

Last years Collection
A few years ago I had a tootsie roll bank that came from some tootsie roll candy from Easter or some holiday.  I began using that to put all the change we would find  Rescue from becoming archeology finds for future generations.  The first year we started doing this it was mid way through the year and we ended up with $9.48.

Here is our last years find in this Jar. 

Current Coin Collection
I have found a new plastic container to put the $$ in for this year.  We are well on our way to keep rescuing the poor pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters people leave for us to find.

A few years ago my mother decided to help my youngest in his quest to find $$ by purchasing a small metal detector.  Well let me tell you this has by far upped out money finding ability.   You would not believe how much money people lose at the park.  We would average about 30 cents at a typical park.

As I am typing this post we had a birthday party to go to this past weekend at a Super Large place that has Bowling, arcades, food, bar, laser tag, and much more.  I am walking around to the claw machines (which my kids are addicted to. That is a whole nother story) and my son turns and spots a penny on the ground near the wall in a very dark area.  Me I would have passed right by it but my youngest must have had a beeper go off.  That was Saturday...On Friday we were at a burger joint ordering and all of a sudden my youngest hands me another penny he found on the ground. Today just found a penny on the ground at Whole Foods.  Last night Tyler came in with a dime he found while getting new shoes with Dad. Just found two more dimes in the last two days.

This is how it goes he will find money a few times a week.

Do you happen to find money like this a lot?  Do you pick it up and collect it?  Who are these people that just leave there money be it a penny or what ever? Do they not know it adds up??

At the EnD of the DaY I love the thrill of the FinD. Thank you to the people who drop all their money for us to find. ~Kim from TeXas


  1. you ahould go to vegas with your found money

  2. save your change for vegas

  3. Now I Just need to save up enough change to pay for the flights to Las Vegas. :)