Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Renee's Fabric Covered Chipboard Phrases Craft

I have been in the process of decorating my daughter's big girl room and came across chipboard phrases at Hobby Lobby. The catch is you have to buy a Cricut cartridge to make it work. 

Knowing this information, the chipboard cartridge from HL was on my Christmas list this year and I got it! Yeah!! So, I have these fun phrases to cover and I start looking in the direction book and realize that you need larger paper than 12x12! Grr!!! 

What to do? What to do? 

I scour the local stores and come up dry. No big paper. Double grr!!! That is when I thought of using fabric. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that before? 

Since my daughter's room is Tiffany blue we went to Joanns and picked out black and white patterned fabric to put on the phrases. Next, I made sure to set the cricut machine to the correct settings for fabric and voila! I had the phrases cut out in fabric! So cute! 

Of course, as soon as I was done my pal Al told me that the Paper Source has big paper. Oh well! I can not say I am disappointed because the fabric letters turned out well! Without further a due, the directions.


Fabric: Depending on how many phrases or shapes you want to cut using the fabric will depend on how much you will need. I chose three word phrases and bought a half a yard of fabric and had plenty.
Cricut machine
Hobby Lobby exclusive cartridge Chipboard design
12x24 cricut mat
Transfer paper
Acrylic paint: I chose white
Flower embellishments


1. Spend a couple of minutes ironing the fabric to remove the creases.

2. Take the undo paper and iron the rough side of the paper to the backside of the fabric.

3. Take the fabric to the cricut machine and tack it to the mat. The mat will need to be really tacky because fabric gives and you do not want it to move while it is cutting.

4. I have the Expression and I set the blade to 5, the pressure to max, and the speed at low.

5. Load the cartridge and follow the directions from the direction booklet so you know how many inches the Cricut needs to be set for when cutting the phrase or shape you are cutting. It ranges from like 5 1/2 to 10 1/2 inches. Set the size correctly, make sure you have the mat option on the Cricut set to 12x24 and press cut.

6. Remove your phrase from the mat and lay it on top of the phrase. Meanwhile take a small towel and wet it. Squeeze the excess water out of it and lay it on top of the fabric.

7. Take an iron and press it on the towel until the towel appears dry. When you take the towel off the phrase is adhered to the phrase.

8. Take acrylic paint and paint the outside and inside edges of the phrases. I chose white because of the fabric we chose.

9. Last but not least, add some embellishments to the phrases. In his case I found some flowers that match the fabric. I did not want to over do it or cover up the letters so I hot glued three flowers on strategically.

All on all, the project probably took around 2 hours. Not too bad, but a little more time consuming then some other crafts I have tackled. The results are really cute though! The cartridge cut out does fit perfectly on the phrases so my only complaint there is the need for larger paper if that is the medium you choose to use for the project.

I will be sharing another craft I used to decorate my daughter's room soon. When everything is all put together I will take some pics of her room so ya'll can see it! It is coming together pretty well if I say so myself:)

Until next time my friends. Renee ~from Illinois

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