Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monthly Subscription Boxes...Do you get any?

I have recently been turned on to these Monthly Subscription Boxes that are so fun.  I thank Groupon for introducing my DOG Gunner to his first Monthly Box Subscription.  Before I realized how fun they were I actually realize that I have been getting a Monthly Box of Mixed Media items from Scarlet Lime.  

Let me know which one I should try next.

The Mixed Media Kit from Scarlet Lime is a great kit of items that are very versatile.  I like to use them for my cards and crafts.  They have a bunch of items that I would never think to use and help me get out of my comfort Zone.

I used a bunch of items in my Clip Board Craft.  The die cuts on the left clipboard, the rub-ons on the middle clipboard and the House, Bird, Sun and rub-ons were also from some of the kits.

The Next Kit that I subscribe to is courtesy of Groupon BarkBox. I am very excited to get a bunch of goodies for Gunner.   (Disclaimer If you choose to click on my link for BarkBox you will receive $5 off your subscription and I will receive a free month.)

The Third Monthly Kit I subscribe to is one of a nutritious nature.  NatureBox Now this box I don't remember how I found out about it.  I think it was from one of the 50 million blogs I follow.  They will be sending me 4-6 different snacks that are Healthy.  (Disclaimer: If you click on the link for NatureBox and purchase a subscription I will receive a free month)

Now currently I have just tried Bulu Box because if you go now and use "box6885" you can get your first box free. ***

Another one I just tried is Love with Food and if you use this code "DISCOVERFOOD" you can try your first box for $2. ***

My Absolute favorite one is GRAZE if you join using code "9MN47H9D" you will get your first week free. This is only for one lucky person because the Graze is so new they are not fully 
open. ***

At the End of the Day I will blame my monthly addictions on Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  If you get a chance go check out her extensive Monthly Box list and read her great blog. ~Kim from TeXas

*** If you click on any of my subscription links I will receive a referral

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