Thursday, February 7, 2013

KiMs New Obsession ~ BARTERING

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Have you seen BARTER KINGS on A&E???

Well, I have to thank Barter Kings for my new Obsession.

THis one is great because I have my Dear H involved in it too.  He may almost be a bit more excited about it than me.

So the premise of the show is these two guys trade up low value items to get eventually get a higher priced item with out any cash trading hands.  Every week we are glued to our TVs watching this show to see what they end up with.

One day a few weeks ago my lovely children were trying to figure out if they had amassed enough gift cards and cash to purchase a XBoX.  Because H@LL will FreeZe over before WE (the parents) purchase an XBoX.  My Dear H says why don't we try and Barter for one. Head Tilt Really??

YESSSS that sounds AweSome...So as a family (great family bonding) start naming all the things we have around the house of some value that we want to use as a trade.

Now if this were to ever come to happen I (the only parent to take on this task and actually complete it) must do some investigating and learn more about this whole Barter thing.  I take to the Internet in search of clues, where to start, what are good tips, etc.

I find out that Craigslist is a great place to start because in their FOR SALE section they have a heading called BARTER.  YESss makes my life so much easier.

Now I go around the house taking pictures of the items we would like to barter with and compile a list.

Next I go in search on CraigsList to see if anyone is wanting to BARTER their XboX for some of my stuff.  I find a GUY that has a new one and is looking for a variety of items....he says just email him the worst he could say was NO.  I start firing of emails with a few of the things I have....Email Back...Nope not interested. UGH SeriouSly?? Why don't you want my STUFF.  I hunt around the house for a few more things....and email him some more stuff.  NO RESPONSE. Great he does not like my stuff.

I am a little discouraged but I regroup and start again...but this time I place the add saying this is what I want.  XboX 360 New or Almost NEW....Here is the list of what I have to barter for. Post my ad and with in a few hours got a HIT.

I was SOOOO Excited this person was interested in this Train Set we had for his Like NEW XboX.  He wanted to get the train set for his son and he was not using the XboX at all.  I was so happy to help make his son EXcited about the train set.  It is great to know that the train was going to a good home and making some boy happy.

We arranged the pick up and I had one of my friends go with me but we were meeting at a CHURCH so I felt a little better about it. Plus when I arrived there were TONs of people in and out of the Church.

Trade went perfect and now my Children are proud owners of an XboX that I did not have to spend ONE DIME on.  

I am HOOKEd and my Dear H is also, he was asking me "what do we need next and what else can we Barter"

Have you Bartered anything before?  How did it go? Were you thinking about trying it out?

At The EnD of the DaY this Bartering is great because you don't have to exchange any $$ just items.  ~Kim from TeXas

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