Friday, February 15, 2013

DeeP ThoughTs by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

To my fitted sheet why do you constantly eat the other sheets blankets and pillow cases I dry you with. I go to take you out of the dryer and you are one big ball of wetness.

Thank you Whole Foods for listening to me and it was sooo much better shopping there today.  Except for the fact that I was wearing flip FloPs and hit a wet patch.  OOOOOH Slide my shin right into the cart.  Almost started CrYing it hurt sooooo Bad!!

Does anyone know how to put a poll into a Blogger post? I can't figure it out so I have put a Poll on our main page. It is just to see if how many people REALLY read our BLOG. If you get a chance go HERE to take the POLL.  We get so many StatS but I don't know which are real and/or SPAM.
Thank You.

I have subscribed to GRAZE and I LOVE it.  I hide the snacks in my PURSE so no one else can eat them.  They are my SecreT treat.  It is such a fun weekly box of snacks.  I would take a picture but I recycled the Box and ate one of the treats already.  If you want to get signed up for this with a discount...I have a few codes that I can give out.  Email me and I will send you the code if you are interested.

I made a new Scrapbooking friend this past week. We are heading to Archiver's to Scrapbook which is really exciting for me.  Since moving here to TeXas I am still trying to "friend date" as I like to call it.  I am at a place in my life that I really need to find friends that like me for all my weirdness, obsessions, my opinionated stances, crafting and silliness.  This is hard to do.  It is so easy with Renee' and my other good friends A, L that I have made back in Illinois.  They are the constant because they keep coming back to play or are just as CraZy and obsessed as I am.  lol  I will let you all know how my "friend date" goes this weekend.  Wish me LucK.

Tomorrow we are finally going to take down the Christmas Lights on our house.  Since my dear H does not like to climb ladders that go up 2 1/2 stories I have to.  You do realize that if I go down my house hold will shrivel up and die.  They won't know where anything in the house is, nor how to make a meal, or bathe.  hahah.  It is finally nice enough and dear H is home from work so we can rip these puppies down and put Christmas away till I am back up the ladder next year.

Okay wish me I was growing larger I purchased Express ReRock Jeans in a size 8.  Well now those are falling down...So I revert to my Size 6 ReRock jeans which I am now finding to be loose and I need to keep pulling them up.  In my event to fit in some "cool" jeans and not "mom" jeans I purchased two size 8.  Well with this whole eating CVV stuff I must be losing something because my jeans are loose.  I am now sending the second pair of size 8 back to Express for a size.......Drum Roll.....4.  Yes I said it size 4, which if you have Express Jeans you know it is really a size 6 every where else.  HA I am sure when I get the size 4 I will be sausage in a sausage casing trying to fit into them...But I gives me an incentive to keep up the good healthy eating because it must be working.

That's all for today!! Have a great weekend!!  ~Kim from TeXas


  1. What's up with the random capitalization?? Is it a secret code of some sort?? If so, want to try and figure it out!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. LOL It is not a secret code I wish...I have Typing (See just did it there and again with the S) Turrets (just did it again) It is sooo hard not to randomly capitalize a letter.