Monday, February 25, 2013

~8~ Chatter of KiM & Renee'

A Big Thank you to Grace is Overrated for letting us link up to her weekly and share our answers to her doodling journal pages.  I will be linking each page from her site so if you want to print them out and follow along click through the links.

Renee' and I will be answering these Cool Journal Doodling pages weekly.  On to Page 8 . (Click "Page 8" to view the blog post from Grace is Overrated for the actual print out.)

Here we GOOOOoooo...

To Do
3 Things that have been on my to do list for ages, that never seem to get done:
1. Scrapbook
2. Craft
3. Housework
1. scrapbook
2. clean the light fixtures in the kitchen, they have cobwebs and about 4 inches of dust on it
3. rehanging pictures after my hubby repainted like a year and a half ago

shh, these are the sounds I hear right now:
Renee: a whistle blowing, students talking next door
Kim: Hum of the Computer, my stomach making noises, birds

Two things that I used to think were impossible: (but I went ahead and did them anyway)
1. Moving away from Illinois
2. Eating Vegetarian/Vegan
1. Ran a 1/2 marathon
2. Earned 2 Master's Degrees

One thing that seems impossible right now: (but probably isn't.)
Renee': Keeping up with Kim:)
Kim: Moving Renee' and her Family to TeXas

Word Association:
Kim: Dusty (the giraffe my son adopted at Brookfield Zoo.  That ended up dyeing and I had to explain to my son why he was no longer there when we went to visit)
Renee: Bob, my son's lovie toy which is a stuffed animal giraffe

Renee: olden' times
Kim: What I am going to purchase when I win the LOTTO.

Plastic Bag
Kim: Reusable bags.  I have almost finished up my 90 million supply of these bags by using the reusable bags at the grocery store
Renee: annoying

Movie Theatre
Renee': popcorn
Kim: Buttered Popcorn

Kim: Not being able to breath
Renee': spiders

Renee': children
Kim: UGH I hate sand

Kim: Wish I could play
Renee: my dad


Lake or Ocean?

Kim: Lake
Renee: lake but I like looking at the ocean

Black flies or Mosquitoes?

Kim: UGH I hate both so NONE!! but if I had to pick I would pick Mosquitoes because I hate Flies more than anything.  They pretty much were sucking on some poop before it just landed on your food and puked the poop up on your food before eating it back up.  See what I mean I hate flies.  
Renee: really???? black flies I guess

Fire Roasted Marshmallows or Popcorn?

Renee: popcorn

Yacht or Canoe?

Kim: Yacht 

Hammock or Chaise Lounge?

Kim: Hammock
Renee: chaise lounge

Badminton or Beach Volleyball?

Kim: Again have to choose Badminton because I hate Sand...beach=Sand
Renee: beach volleyball

Shrimp or Steak on the Barbecue?

Kim: Steak but not now that I am eating no meat.
Renee: shrimp

Alone with a book or frisbee with a group?

Kim:Alone with a Book
Renee: alone with a book

Cottage or Resort?

Kim: Cottage 
Renee: resort

Fishing or Sunbathing?

Kim: Sunbathing as long as it is on a Lake and there is no sand around.  lol
Renee: sunbathing

Collecting Sea Shells or Building Sand castles?

Kim: Collecting Sea Shells
Renee: collecting sea shells

And that's all for this weeks Chatter...Come back next week to learn more about us.

What were some of your favorite answers...Share them with us.

Kim from TeXas & Renee' from Illinois

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