Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ok, Kim, so I did go MIA:) sort of....

Hello, Miss Kim, and to everyone else out there, I am sorry I went a little MIA lately. 

No, I wasn't on vacation or in the midst of going vegetarian, clean, vegan, or whatever you want to call it, I have just been lazy, well kind of. 

It is like this. 

When I am on a break from school, I always have these grand plans that I am going to accomplish many unfinished tasks, but in reality, it usually takes me one full week to just adjust to not having a scheduled day. Throw Christmas and New Year's in there and it is like, holy moley! I can't even handle it! 

I am a procrastinator and do my best work under pressure so having time to lolly-gag generally works against me.

What I have been doing is undergoing a bathroom remodeling process that is extremely time consuming because we are the ones providing all of the materials. Do you know how many stinkin' tiles I have looked at? Ugh!! Then there is grout color and sealer, and glass doors, and paint, and vanities, and faucets, etc..... I think you get the point! 

Another thing going on right now is work. When you haven't worked for two weeks, and then you go back, it is a shock to system! You would think the students would be tired, ugh... no??? They come back bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to learn. Imagine that! That in itself takes a lot of my energy. That whole teaching thing:) 

Then, there are my three darling children and all of their activities. It is never ending my friends. The last thing that has been keeping me MIA is exercise. No, I am not going extreme like you Kim, but I have been exercising about 5-6 times a week and trying to make wiser choices when eating. Try to find time to exercise! Sometimes it is at 5am, sometimes it is at 7 pm.

So, my dearest friend Kim, I may go MIA at times but know that I will always surface again! I love you dearly, and remember my sarcasm, is coming from the right place. :)

Peace out my friends!

Renee~from Illinois

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