Friday, January 25, 2013

KiMs CraZy Eating Clean, Vegan, Vegetarian (CVV)

Okay so I promised you all my weight results.  Since beginning this current bootCamp Session is when I started eating Clean, Vegan, Vegetarian (CVV).  I had my BooTCamP instructor weigh me because I don't, nor will I ever, own a scale.  First off when she weighed me I was by far ShOCked because who really wants to see what they weigh.  NOT ME obviously.  

We stared eating CVV and I have been doing really good.  I try and watch my eating to make sure I am getting all the Iron and stuff you would normally get with meat and dairy (thank you Renee' who is very concerned about my Iron intake :P)  I told my BooTCamP instructor that at the two week mark I wanted to weigh myself to see if anything was Xeting my BoDy particularly FAT.  

You will be happy to know that I have lost 4 pounds that averages out to 2 pounds a week.  Not bad.  I don't know what I was expecting...I would have liked a 10lb drop but REALLY who does that??  I can say that I don't feel as Bloated nor do my Jeans cut the muffin as bad as they were. Would I like to have  more results...YES am I happy with what I got NO YES!!

All your Vegetarians and Vegans reading this please let me know some of your favorite blogs with good easy recipes for me to try. :)

At the End of the Day being CVV is not all that bad. ~Kim from TeXas

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