Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hand made Vacation Ornament

This is a fun Craft to do when you have been on a beach vacation. It is super easy to do and will serve as a wonderful reminder as it hangs on your tree.

First, You need to collect sand from the beach you have visited. I chose to put it in a plastic sand which bag that seals. Then, I was able to easily store it in my suitcase and not worry about getting sand everywhere!

The next thing you need is a plastic or glass ornament from the local craft store. Take the sand and use a small funnel to get the sand in the ornament easily.

When that is accomplished, all you need is paint for glass/plastic or both. Then, paint the words or design on the ornament. I put the name of the city where we took our trip, the amount of years we have been married, the year, and a palm tree.

That's all there is to this craft! I know I will love to see it on my Christmas tree year after year. It will always bring a big smile to my face as I reminisce. If you are taking a beach trip soon or within the next year you should try this one!

Well, Peace out for now.....
Renee~from Illinois

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