Saturday, January 26, 2013

DeeP ThoughTs by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

Sitting at home watching a few minutes of TV while I eat lunch I saw this....Wraptastic   

I though how clever...Until I realized that they give you the first one filled with their brand of wrap.  So you know the second you put in your brand you will look like the people having trouble with the saran wrap.  I have this funny feeling that it will be a total BUST.  What InfoMercials have you watched that have caught your eye?? 

Kroeger it is really CHEEZZZY that you make us customers ring a bell at the counter, while we are checking out, to show we had really good service.  I could not bring myself up to ring the bell. Take a ball and put it into a jar at the counter to show good service I could do.  Quite non attention getting or CHEEZZZY.

And to the Bagger at Kroeger today thank you for letting me know you "hope you did not fill my bags to heavy for me."  YES you filled them ridiculously heavy...I only had about 20 bags I brought for you to fill and you had a ton left over...You could have filled some of the others instead of trying to fit everything in 4 bags.  Just saying.

Why do doctors offices insist on photocopying the same sheet over and over so when you go to fill it out it is crooked and blurry. For goodness sakes make a clean copy and use that one. Very unprofessional (IMO)

I finally saw a woman, who I kid you not, looks like her DOG.  OMG that was a sight.

At the End of the Day...Life is a MiXed Bag of NUtZ ~Kim from TeXas

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