Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DeeP ThoughTs by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

Once again Renee' (who was off and home all break) has gone MIA!!

HELLO RENEE' ARE YOU OUT THERE....that would work if she actually read what I posted.  Hopefully her husband will read this and kick her in the BUTT!!  :)

Seriously if you get a text from someone why does it take over a day or more for some people to respond?  REAllY I know you saw it just answer.

Just took down my Christmas Decorations outside in ShorTs and did NOT feel like I was going to get FROST bitten like last year in IL.

Hobby Lobby you might want to think about housing your die cut cartridges near the front of the store instead of some where near the loading dock. I Did not care 10 minutes later after the poor girl finally got back from china to pick them up. But the million of people that decided to check out at the exact same time were a little perturbed.

Steel Cut Oats. Now I know why they call them that. Because while you are enjoying your oatmeal all of a sudden you CRuNCh on a piece of steel which feels like you are crunching on a rock. Good times eating healthy. I guess that's what happens with you eat natural. Rocks and all.

At the End of the Day~ Renee' better get moving on this BLOG or I'm Gonna Kick Her Off.  LOL ~Kim from TeXas


  1. Great post, Kim! As someone who also occasionally goes a little MIA, I love your (not so) deep thoughts for Renee. I'm sure she'll turn up. :)

  2. Thanks Christie....I am sure we will be hearing more from here soon. Just need to pull the parent card on her once in a while. :)