Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DeeP ThoughTs by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

To the man skipping with his cart of groceries you did not look cool at all. Next time run and ride the kart don't skip with it.

Holy cow it's raining for the second time since I've been in TeXas. Which I am so excited that I was able to wear my rain boots. Yippee.

Gunner is on the side of the house in the back barking with his neighbor friend(dog) Wyatt.  Now instead of opening the back door to yell at the dog...(I hear his barking through the vent in the stove top) I think to myself I wonder if I yell through this vent if he will hear me and stop barking?  

I yell into the stove top vent "Gunner No" and holy COW it worked Gunner stopped barking and even came towards the back door.  I'm a Genius!!  UGH I need to get a JOB!! HAHA!!

After listening to the HOWLING of the wind all night on the corner of my house I finally get out of bed at 5:15 and shower. I tell my dear H that I think it's the window that is HoWliNg so bad. He goes over to take a look and sure enough the wind is coming through the window. He unlatches the window and WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP decides to wake the neighborhood and our Children by accidentally setting off the house alarm. I just got out of the shower and am trying to quickly get dressed. H is running through the dark house to the control panel as I hear our stools getting knocked over. I hear the boys running to the stairs I'm sure in a panic. Finally alarm stops and send the boys back to bed. I am then told its my fault that the alarm went off because I made him look/listen to the howling of the wind that kept me up since 2am. I love it. Sounds just like the kids. "You made me fall and hurt myself" LOL. Another fun and exciting morning in the House.

At the End of the Day...It's going to be another FUN Year ~Kim from TeXas

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