Thursday, January 24, 2013

~5~ ChatteR of Renee' and KiM

A Big Thank you to Grace is Overrated for letting us link up to her weekly and share our answers to her doodling journal pages.  I will be linking each page from her site so if you want to print them out and follow along click through the links.

Renee' and I will be answering these Cool Journal Doodling pages weekly.  On to Page 5. (Click "Page 5" to view the blog post from Grace is Overrated for the actual print out.)

Here we GOOOOoooo...

Oh the Weather OutSide is, Frightful or Delightful: (details)

Kim: DelightFUL it is 66 degrees and Sunny just took down my Christmas Decorations.
Renee: It is 10 degrees outside with a wind chill below zero. Brr!! It is nose hair freezing weather.

To DO:
1. Send out the January Card Swap Email (sorry I'm Late)
2. Book Spring Break Trip
3. Write Thank you Cards for my Birthday that was in October. UGH
1. Write more blog posts, yes Kim has been on me:)
2. Finish craft projects for daughter's room
3. Lose weight

Look around you right now.  What do you see?
Kim: My large mug of Green Tea because I am trying to drink a TON every day.
Renee: Aunt Sandy's kitchen because that is where I am sitting right now.

Close your eyes and daydream for a moment. What do you see?
Kim: Me and my friends in a log cabin over looking the mountains drinking a beer. Kinda like the Corona Commercial except in the Mountains.
Renee: Myself and friends in Maui. I love Maui:)

3 People I would like to meet Some Day and One Question I would have for each of them?
1. A President (does not matter which one just any) Was being President all that it was cracked up to be? and STOP RAISING MY TAXES
2. Robert Downy JR.  Just because...After I stopped drooling all over him then I would maybe have a question...Maybe not just going to stare at him.
3. Not sure still thinking....
1. Channing Tatum, a girl can dream, right? How did you manage to contain all that hotness in one body?
2. A President. Question."Exactly, how much do you really do on your own versus delegating to everyone else?"
3. Justin Bieber, only because of my daughter. I think she would kill me if I didn't include him on there because she would definitely be by my side. Question. " Why do you wear such weird looking clothes?":)


Meat or Cheese?
Kim: Cheese (though I am not eating either currently)
Renee: Meat, nothin' like a good steak..., sorry Kim....

CD or MP3?
Kim: MP3
Renee: MP3

Cards or Charades?
Kim: Cards
Renee: Cards

Pen or Pencil?
Kim: Pen

Walk or RUN?
Renee: I'll answer this one for Renee' RUN.

Night or Day?
Kim: DAY
Renee:Probably day now, but once upon a time it was night

Flats or Heels?

Chips or Chocolate?
Kim: Chocolate
Renee: chocolate

Train or Plane?
Kim: Plane
Renee: Plane

Elevator or Escalator?
Kim: Elevator with a window
Renee: Elevator

Words or Pictures?
Kim: Pictures
Renee: Words

RollerCoaster or Merry-go-round?
Kim: RollerCoaster
Renee: RollerCoaster

Duct Tape or Craft glue?
Kim: Craft Glue
Renee: Craft Glue

Box or Bag?
Kim: BOX
Renee: bag

Cat or Dog?  HA HA
Kim: DOG
Renee: I'll again answer this one for the CAT LADY Renee' CATs.

Carpet or Hardwood?
Kim: Hardwood
Renee: Hardwood

City or Country?
Renee: a nice mixture of both

Spring or Fall?
Kim: Fall
Renee: Fall, spring is too wet

Lipstick or Lip Balm?
Kim: Lip Balm
Renee: Lipstick

Red or Blue?
Renee: blue

Fries or Salad?

Wine or Beer?
Kim: Lately both
Renee: Beer

That's All FOLKS join us next week for installment #6.

Let us know some of your favorite answers...

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