Friday, November 30, 2012

DeeP ThoughTs by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

Just watched both my boys run in their school Fun Run.  They both did awesome...the school is saving up for a track...Which they need desperately because I was in a DusT BowL watching them.  Cough Cough...Hack...Hack...LOL

Funny ... My youngest comes home from school and after participating in the school fundraiser the Fun Run. Whoo who I get $140. Why do you get $140?(I ask). He says. "Because I finished all the laps. I have $140." I say "you do realize that money goes towards your school. "What?" You mean I don't get to keep it?" LoL no dear son of mine you asked for sponsors and donations for your school remember not for you!  Ugh where is the disconnect. Sometimes I question my parenting.  At least my oldest knew the money was going to the school so I don't feel like a total failure. Ugh.

Why do I purchase HEB Tortillas every time I go to HEB?? Can some one tell me WHY?  What do they put in that stuff that clouds my judgment and I head right towards them all warm and delicious? OH I will just get the 10 pack today instead of the 20 pack.  REALLY...If you see me in HEB heading toward the Tortillas WHACK me in the side of the head...that will break the invisible string pulling me towards the Tortillas. UGH I think I need one right now... Good thing I have a few on the counter.

My OMG Moment of the Week....

I met a friend for lunch then to do some shopping at the mall.  As we go into the mall I have to stop at the restroom.  As we are walking in my friend is telling a story and we are having our conversation continuing into the stalls.  Next thing I know as I am finishing my business and my friend is telling her story some LADY yells from another stall.


Seriously (HEAD TILT)...Is SHE talking to us??  Of course I shot back "Did not know you could not talk in the Bathroom"

If you need silence LADY go home...not in a public MALL bathroom are you KIDDING ME??  Don't walk in there if your baby is crying she would have probably FREAKed.

What A FREAK Job...If I am in a bathroom in public the more noise the better...I don't want anyone paying attention to what I am doing...But needing silence that is a first one for me.

Have you had any WEIRD Public Bathroom Stories...Please Share!!

At the End of the Day its just another day here in Paradise TeXas with the CraZy BathroOm LaDy. ~ Kim from TeXas

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A is for Annoying...Why has eating out become so Difficult??

Today we went to this very popular Mexican restaurant, EVERYone LOVES, for lunch at 12:30. (After today I no longer am a supporter of this place)  I am starving ready to eat my arm off...It is a 10 min wait unless you find a place in the bar.

The bar area has tables and the stools at the bar...we find a table at the bar area.  It took the waiter quite a bit to come and when he did never brought menus just asked for our drink order.  At that time I asked him for some menus.

Next he brought our drinks but still no menus so I asked again...about 8 minutes later he brings our menus.

We finish our drinks and he comes takes our second drink order then finally menus delivered.

Mean while the table next to us gets seated they get chips and salsa we have not even gotten any chips and salsa yet.  HUMPH.

Now as we finally get our menus and still no chips and salsa...the waiter has already given the other table menus and has just taken their orders.

He finally comes back and we place our order and receive our second drinks.  In this time the table next to us has just received their meal.  Another table behind us has sat down and gotten drinks/chips and salsa and their menu.

We are waiting and waiting...they bring another thing of chips and salsa it is now 1:15 and nothing.  We ask the waiter and he says he will check on it....We are now stuffed from chips and salsa and I am no longer hungry.  Dear H is really frustrated because it is almost an hour and he goes to find a manager because the waiter is not coming back at all.

The manager comes over and asks us what we ordered.  REALLY please go find your waiter and ask him what we ordered and check on it.  He leaves and we watch as three other tables get their meals and we are still waiting.  The table next to us is getting their bill to pay and leave.  

After a few more minutes (its now 1:45) the manager comes back with some Queso and more chips for us apologizing that our order was never put in by our waiter.  WHAT???  Seriously!!  The manager proceeds to tell us that he has moved our meal to the front of the cooking line and it should be right out. I am ready to cancel our order.  

Now by this time we are no longer hungry because I have been filled with CHIP/Salsa and now Queso.  UGH  We are still waiting and Ring phone is going off...Mysterious number...I answer.  "Hi" this is Mrs. Nurse from your sons school.  Your son is in the nurses office with a fever and stomach ache"  Basically we need to go get him.  UGH

Now my husband jumps up and tries to catch the manager to just get our order TO GO we are leaving.  He runs to the kitchen to pack our order to go...I quickly suck down my drink and we wait for the food.  

The manager was super accommodating but how frustrating it is now 2:00 p.m.  I am stuffed with Chips and no real son is sick I need to head to school and get him.

The food comes out packed up as the manager puts the food down to give to us he puts the bag right in the Cheese Queso!!  UGH does it get any better??  I wipe down the bag, grab it and head out while dear H pays the bill.

Needless to say that was the ThirD time I have been to this place and SeconD time it has had such bad service and we will not be going back again.

Thank goodness there is a Mexican Restaurant on every corner in this town.  I don't know what I would do if that was the only place around.  LOL

How have your restaurant experiences been lately Good, Bad, UGLY??  Let us know...

At the End of the Day there is a Mexican Restaurant like there are banks on every street corner here in TeXas. ~Kim from TeXas.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Renee's Grateful Jar

This Thanksgiving my husband and I hosted 18 guests at our house. We had a blast laughing, talking, and of course stuffing ourselves. 

One thing I did this year that was a big hit was a grateful jar. As guests arrived my daughter had them write, on die cut leaves, things they were grateful about.

After we sat down to dinner and said grace, my niece took the jar and read the leaves to everyone as they ate. Some were silly and some were very nice. It made a nice conversation piece at the dinner table and was appreciated by all of the guests. They all mentioned how nice it was to try a new way of saying something they are thankful about.

This is a tradition I hope to continue from year to year regardless of who is hosting!

Do any of you have any thankful/grateful traditions at your Thanksgiving table? We would love to hear them!

Do you want to know how to make your own grateful jar? If so, follow the instructions below.


*a jar of some sort, preferably rounded so it is easier to put the vinyl on the jar
*vinyl, I used black Cricut brand but any brand will work
*transfer tape, I used Cricut brand
*card stock, various colors
*Cricut machine with an alphabet and a leaf cut out


1. Turn on your Cricut and choose an alphabet you like and spell out the word Grateful

2. I set the machine at 1.5 inches and made sure to adjust the settings so that I did not cut all the way through the vinyl

3. After I cut out the word, I pulled off the excess vinyl. Then, I pulled the top layer off of the transfer tape and laid the vinyl on there.

4. The last step involves taking the image and carefully placing it on the jar. I was very careful to press down and rub the image carefully so that it did not wrinkle on the jar.

5. Separately, I cut out leaves from the Cricut.

Bye for now...Renee~from Illinois

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble..Turkey Cupcakes Made by Renee and Company

Alright, so I saw this pin on Pinterest. Mistake #1 right? I know some of you are smiling about right now.....Well, the pin was basically an advertisement for cupcakes that look like a turkey. 

Sometimes things look a little easier than they really are and this was one of the recipes! 

The professionals made decorating cupcakes like a turkey look real easy and for them it probably is when you have the right tools.

My daughter, niece and I gave it our all and for a crew of amateurs I think we did a pretty good job.

Here it goes folks! This is what you need to make these funny looking turkey cupcakes. Renee' from Illinois


boxed cake mix
canned or homemade chocolate frosting ( we actually made our own using powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, cocoa powder,and butter)
candy corn
mini nutter butter cookies
cupcake liners
muffin pans


1. First, make the cupcakes from the boxed cake mix. Follow the directions on the box verbatim. Let them cool for about an hour.
2. Frost the cupcakes
3. Take the mini nutter butter cookies and make eyes on the cookie with white and black frosting
4. Put a little extra frosting below the eyes and lay a piece of candy corn for the turkey's nose
5. Take the nutter butter cookie and place near the top of the cupcake
6. Put 5 to 6 pieces of candy corn around the top part of the cupcake to mimic the tail feathers of the turkey

Friday, November 23, 2012

~2~ ChaTTer from Renee' and KiM

A Big Thank you to Grace is Overrated for letting us link up to her weekly and share our answers to her doodling journal pages.  I will be linking each page from her site so if you want to print them out and follow along click through the links.

Renee' and I will be answering these Cool Journal Doodling pages weekly.  On to Page 2. (Click "Page 2" to view the blog post from Grace is Overrated for the actual print out.)

Today I am grateful for:
Kim: Waking up
Renee: not having to go the er or urgent care for sick kids

3 things I will do well today:
Renee: drive, sing along with the radio, help kids with homework
Kim: Walk/Run 6 miles, Help my Boys with Homework (Renee' is copying me), Blog.

Bonus question:

The one thing that scares me more than anything else is:
Kim: Same as Ray...Something happening to my Kiddos
Renee: something terrible happening to one of my children


Favorite Candy:
Kim: Chocolate Covered Rasins
Renee: Snickers at the moment but usually Reeses peanut butter cup

Best Restaurant Meal Ever:
Renee: dolmades from Greek Islands in Chicago
Kim: Where I first at Gnocchi from a small restaurant in Venice, Italy more than 20 years ago

Favorite City:
Renee: Ka'anapali
Kim: Toss up Las Vegas/Maui

Best Party Ever:
Kim: The one I had every year in Collage during Christmas Break.  You know the ones those of you who partied in my Basement.  LOL!! (I have pictures I should dig some out)

Best Kiss Ever:
Kim: Bella & Edward...I am into Twilight since the last one is coming up.
Renee: my husband, of course:)

Favorite Song:
Renee: Right now, Home by Phillip Phillips
Kim: All Time Favorite Pictures of You, The Cure, Favorite All Time Band Pearl Jam

Best Vacation Ever:
Kim: Australia with my H.
Renee: Maui with my hubby this past summer

Favorite Cliche': 
Renee: Knock your socks off!
Kim: At the End of the Day...

Favorite Weather:
Kim: 83 degrees and Sunny.
Renee: warm, not too humid

Tell us what your favorites are....

~Renee' from Illinois & Kim from TeXas

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Placecards

It is just a few days from Thanksgiving and I am frantically trying to get ready for the big day! 

My husband and I are hosting this year. We never know from year to year how many members of the family will show up , but this year the magic number is 18! I think we have dinner covered in terms of who is bringing what so I had a bit of time to sneak in a Thanksgiving craft! 

I saw this on Pinterest and loved it and so did my children who helped. The craft is Thanksgiving Place cards specifically Pilgrim hats with guests names on them. They are adorable and easy to make which those of you who know me know I like easy. 

Here is what you need to make these cute hats!


Mini Terra cotta pots
Black foam sheet
Assorted craft paints
Paint brush

How To:

1. Paint the pots black from the rim down
2. Choose a color and paint the rim around the pot
3.  Use a circle cutter and cut circles from the black foam
4. Take white paint and make polka dots on the black part of the pot
5. Take sharpie marker or paint and draw/paint a buckle on the rim of the pot
6. On the opposite side of the pot, use the sharpie marker to write the guest's name on the rim
7. Use a glue gun and put glue around the rim and press the pot on to the black foam circle, this is the brim of the hat so make sure to center it

That is all you need to make these adorable place cards! Come on you still have time Kim!

Bye for now! Renee~from Illinois

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WhaT Renee' and KiM are ThanKful For....

I was reading the most recent Rachel Ray magazine and I saw a page that said what are you Thankful for this Month....Now we are all Thankful for the Major things, Family, Friends, Good Health etc... but I wanted to think more outside the box... I though this would be fun for Renee' and I to do so here we go....

Kim is ThankFul for...

The person who invented scrapbooking or how it has evolved over time.

The Person who invented Pinterest to add to my Time Suck obsessions.

HEB Tortilla Machine which has made my transition to TeXas so much better.  When I am feeling sad the Tortilla makes me feel better.  LOL

Avocados because they are so YUMMY!!

For my ExtrEEEEEm amount of patience I am able to exude at any given moment when I would like to RAM the person in the car in front of me.

I am thankful for my obsessions to share with you all.

Fish so I can eat Sushi.

I am thankful for Renee's Parents because with out them there would be no Renee'.

Renee is ThankFul for.........

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies because I am too lazy to make my own puppy chow.

Observed holidays that are actually observed on a Monday so that I can have an extra day off of work! :)

Scrapbooking and crafting because without some kind of stress relief outlet I think I would lose my ever lovin' mind.

I am thankful for being able to go to the Justin Bieber concert with my daughter this week! Bieber fever!

Let us know what "other" things you are Thankful for...

Kim ~from TeXas and Renee' from Illinois

Thursday, November 15, 2012

KiMs Almost Italian MeatLoaf Recipe

This WAS my go to recipe for my oldest who has turned soooo picky!!  Unfortunately the last two time I have made this he maybe eats a small bite.  My Youngest gobbles it up like its going out of style.  Enjoy...

2 Pounds Ground Beef
3/4 cup Italian Bread Crumbs (here is the almost Italian comes in :)
3/4 of a Medium Onion Chopped finely
1/2 cup Ketchup
1/4 cup Milk
1 large egg
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

Sauce on Top
1/2 cup Ketchup
3 Tablespoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons yellow mustard

Combine the first 8 ingredients in a bowl.
Shape them into two loafs.
Place on a broiler pan (mine which I left in Illinois UGH) rack that is lightly greased with Pam.
Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

Sauce on Top
Combine all three ingredients.
Spoon over the two meat loafs.
Bake for 15 more minutes or until a meat thermometer registers 160 degrees.

Serving size 8

Enjoy ~Kim from TeXas!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OMG I'm Obsessed with Food Trucks!!

I don't know what it is about food trucks that has me entreaged but more and more I need to find them and eat at them. It all started when I was doing research for a trip we are taking. I was reading a review and a person talked about the most amazing shrimp they had at a food truck. Head tilt Food TrUck really? Photo Credit

I began looking at the reviews for these food trucks on restruant food sites. After that I stopped because I know where they are and on our trip I figured that I will make everyone stop.

Now when I think of food trucks I do not have one good image. All I can think of was the food truck that would come to my dads warehouse when I was a kid. They just had mostly pre packaged things that were not cooked on the truck but it had food.

When we were living in Illinois I watched a show on how they make good trucks and what goes into making them. It was so interesting to me that maybe that is what may have put a seed in me for this obsession. Photo Credit

Fast forward to a few weeks ago my husband and I are watching tv and I see a preview for a food truck show. Well I'm all over that. I have recorded it but have not watched it yet. :( I begin to wonder are there any food trucks near me?

This morning while watching my sons football game I spot one. A Food TrUck on the side of the road in a subdivision in our town. I was so excited but there was no way I was going to get my family to stop. Besides the fact that it looked scary. Who knows if they were ready to start serving food or what it was. I was no way mentally prepared to eat at this one. Photo Credit

Now we're home and I get my copy of Rachel Ray magazine an inside it she talk about food trucks. Ugh now I really want to find one. This is where I need Renee so I can drag her on a food truck road trip Right Now.

I get the mail today and we get about 4-5 magazines just for things in our town. I open the one today that is Life Styles and Homes of our town, the magazine is very high end looking and seems to cater to the people living in mansions. I'm thinking to myself there is nothing in here that will be of real interest to me. As I have suspected nothing very exciting till all of a sudden I come to an article Fun Food Fare with Food Trucks.

What? No Freakin Way!!

I am totally stoked because not only is it about food trucks but talks about a book containing the top 100 in our area, how to find out where there going to be and some websites and apps to help me find them. Renee Come On let's go right now. It's the weekend and we have plenty of time. Oops sorry your in Illinois. :( Photo Credit

Well now (sorry ray) I'm am going to have to enlist one of my new TeXas friends to join me on my adventure to start trying them out.

I am soooo excited to find some and let you know how they are.

At The EnD of the Day I am so excited to find a food truck and begin with a new Obsession. ~Kim from TeXas

Do you have any food trucks near you or have you eaten at any besides the ScAry OnEs?

Monday, November 12, 2012

~1~ ChaTTer from Renee' and KiM

As you must know by now there is an addictive craZe called Pinterest.  Well Renee' and I are involved in this TIME SUCK as I refer to it.  (you can follow us by clicking our "follow us on Pinterest" links at the bottom right of our Blog) I start looking at Pinterest because when I am at the computer I swear it calls my name...."Kimmm, Kimmm come check what people are pinning....Open Pinterest..."  UGH so you can see my dilemma.  This is what I hear right now while I am typing.  But I resist because if I open it up then WHAM three hours have past and I can never get them back.

Don't get me wrong Pinterest has some great ideas.  You can follow ME and Renee' on Pinterest and see our latest addictions. In my most recent TIME SUCK Session with Pinterest I came across a pin that Renee' had.  It was for some journal pages...

grace is overrated blog

A Big Thank you to Grace is Overrated for letting us link up to her weekly and share our answers to her doodling journal pages.  I will be linking each page from her site so if you want to print them out and follow along click through the links.

First off I am a sucker for doodling...I love the stuff...Cant do a lick of it but love that I can admire other peoples' doodling.  That is the first thing that was drawn too....The second thing was when I went and read the first journal page one of the Lightning Round questions was Toilet Paper Over or Under?  OMG it is like she is reading my mind....

I normally don't care to much for these types of things but OMG I am so a Toilet Paper Over kinda girl.  No idea why but if someone puts it on the wrong way it BUGs me. 

I have digressed....

Renee' and I will be answering these Cool Journal Doodling pages weekly.  So with out any more interruptions (or me digressing) lets start with Page 1. (Click "Page 1" to view the blog post from Grace is Overrated for the actual print out.)

One thing I must do today:
Kim: Buy a binder for my poor son so he can get better organized at school

Renee: Get on our blog and actually blog!!

One thing I would LOVE to do today:
Kim: Have dinner at Flat Top Grill with the Girls (too bad they don't have any in TeXas and all my Girls are in Illinois)

Renee: See my buddy Kim in Texas and scrapbook with my crew...

One think I am totally putting off until tomorrow:
Kim: Anything related to Cleaning the House

Renee:Exercising, don't know why because I usually love to run.... been avoiding for a little while

5 People who make me Smile:
  1. My kids
  2. My hubby
  3. Kim, I miss her smile!
  4. My other pals, you know who you are, crazy girls!
  5. My cats, just because....
  1. My Boys
  2. My H (husband)
  3. Renee' when she posts a blog and says something about me in it.
  4. My Neighbor A (more like laugh a lot) hey kinda like Sir mix a lot 
  5. My friends that I think of Often. Al, L, J and see #3 and everyone else who makes me smile daily
Word Association:

Kim: Chocolate Covered
Renee: Warm weather

Kim: Sears Tower
Renee: Twin Towers

Kim: The ones who keep talking to me no matter what comes out of my mouth and like me for me. 
Renee: The older I get the more I realize it's not the amount of friends you have, it's the quality.

Kim: Calamari
Renee: Squid

Kim: Colors
Renee: Crafts

On The Menu Tonight:
First Course:
Renee: Diet Coke
Kim: Chocolate (Its Halloween)
Main Course:
Renee: bbq Brisket and coleslaw in the crockpot
Kim: Pizza and Candy
Renee: none, starting my diet again today
Kim: Just Candy

Lightning Round:
Toilet Paper Over or Under? 
Kim: Over DUH
Renee: Definitely over
Minty or Fruity Gum?
Kim: Minty
Renee: Minty

Diamonds or Pearls?
Kim: Diamonds
Renee: diamonds

Hot Chocolate or Coffee?
Kim: Coffee
Renee: hot chocolate

Roses or Tulips?
Kim: Tulips
Renee: roses

Sweet or Salty?
Kim: Salty
Renee: sweet

11:00 a.m. or 11:00 p.m.?
Kim:  11:00p.m.
Renee: 11:00p.m.

Mountains or Ocean View?
Kim: Tough one...Mountains
Renee: Ocean....

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Kim: Fiction is not real...Non Fiction is I pick Fiction
Renee: Fiction

Silk or Cotton?
Kim: Cotton
Renee: cotton

Drama or Comedy?
Kim: I am called Drama by my family but I prefer a Comedy
Renee: comedy

Email or Telephone?
Kim: Telephone its soooo much quicker and I don't have to spell check.
Renee: telephone

Movies or Theatre?
Kim: Movies - Love me some buttered popcorn
Renee: movies, ditto Kim

Tent or Trailer?
Kim: Tent
Renee: tent

Now or Then?
Kim: NOW
Renee: now

Answer a couple of your favorites and leave us a comment below.

~Kim from TeXas & Renee' from Illinois~

Sunday, November 11, 2012

DeeP Thoughts by KiM (NoT reaLLy DeeP)

Don't you hate when you pull out a load of laundry and realize half way putting it into the dryer that a tissue just got washed? Ugh white tissue remnants everywhere.

Love that the garage door openers hook up to the car and makes life so much easier than trying to find the remotes.

So excited to have my Mrs. Prindable's party tonight and dig into some YUMMY Chocolate.

BAM BAM BAM (me sleeping) waking up BAM BAM BAM what the heck!! It is a Saturday Morning I finally get to sleep in at least till 7:30. Is some one working on their house?? How RUDE do they know what time it is....Listen more.  UGH are you kidding me??  LOL I can hear the High School Band as clear as day practicing.

Let me tell you these TeXas schools take the Band very seriously.  They are as big as some college bands.  I wish my children would take to an instrument it would be so cool to see them in Band.  Yes I am saying that because you have not seen the Bands they have here in TeXas.  A MaZe ING!!

Almost got LyNCHed in HEB with my Bears Stuff on.  One man said we were brave.  One man walked by groaning at us.  LOL


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rambling Renee......

Well, it is that time again for Ramblin' Renee. 

I need to give a look into my crazy life the last few weeks. 

Lets start with my littlest guy.....Well, a few weeks ago he crawled into bed with my husband and I. Not unusual because he really likes being by his mom. I know,what can I say, Mrs. Popularity! He has this habit of crawling in right behind me on the very edge of the bed. 

Do you see where this one is heading? Next thing I know, I hear one of those really," I am really hurt and not gonna breathe" cries. 

I am in a deep sleep so it does take me a couple of seconds to register and then I sky rocket out of bed and swoop my baby up into my arms and the cry starts. I look down and realize the reason for the scream. Not only did he scare himself half to death by falling out of our bed when he was totally asleep but he also bit almost all the way through the skin right below his lower lip.

I stopped the bleeding and got a good look at the injury and is going to have to be an ER visit.....

So, I scoop him up and my husband decides he will take him this time. Yes, this time.....We have been through this before.....He gets him in the car and I start walking back upstairs to wait for the boys to return and my daughter walks out of her room complaining that her ear hurts!

Really?????? Man..... My husband just left with our littlest guy.... So, I give her some Tylenol and put her back to bed. 

An hour later, my husband returns and the littlest guy needed medical glue this time. They put it there instead of stitches so that the scar won't look as bad.... Go figure......So, go to sleep and 4.5 hours later, alarm goes off and time to take my daughter to the ER. Yep, an ear infection.

Two ER visits within 24 hours. I think that is a record, but then again, never a dull moment in our household.........

Renee' ~ from Illinois

Friday, November 9, 2012

Renee 40th Birthday Surprise

It was a coworkers '40'th birthday last week and I knew I needed to do something fun because she helped to celebrate my milestone birthday last June. So, I thought about it for a little while what I came up with was a scavenger hunt of sorts where she had to go to different classrooms throughout the day. I gave little clues that told her where to go next. If you  are looking for something fun to do for a friend or coworker here's an idea!

This is how we started her day. Always nice to start with a little cake and a clue!

 So, then here was the second clue.....

Moving on to the next clue, I have to fill you in on a little secret as to why the gift was "smooth moves". Well, it is kind of an inside joke that we know this lovely individual uses this product to get things, you know, moving.:) So, how better to do that with her own personalized mug and a new package of smooth moves.

When receiving the smooth moves, the birthday girl was given the next clue. When she headed to room 113,what she found was the balloons and a new clue.

After finding the next clue, it was off to the next room where she was allowed a little wine with her whine. Of course, there really isn't real wine but personalized wine glasses for her to have her real wine later and yet again the next clue.

When she went to room 109 and found what made her want to run but still remember that she was still hot.

And at the end of the day, she ended her journey with this wonderful bouquet of suckers.

All in all, she had a wonderful day and a lot of fun finding her gifts along the way.

Again, this is a fun and creative thing to do for anyone! I hope you enjoyed this one.....

Renee~from Illinois

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Renee's Craft of the Week:Painting Wine Glasses!

Do you want to learn another new craft that really is super easy? If you answered yes, then take a look at this! A friend of mine just turned 40 and she loves wine. As part of a gift I put together for her I made these wine glasses. They are fun, inexpensive, and I'm not kidding, really easy to make!

What you will need:

1. dollar store wine glasses
2. enamel paints
3. stencils
4. rubbing alcohol


1. First, you need to clean off the glasses and remove any stickers.

2. Next, taking rubbing alcohol and rub the entire surface of the glasses and let dry. It only takes a couple of minutes. Try not to touch the glass that much with your fingers after you rubbed the alcohol on there.

3. Then, start designing. I chose to buy an 8 pack of Martha Stewart glass paint because I had a 50% off coupon and it was a better deal. I also liked the fact that the paints had pointy caps on them so I could design right out of the bottle instead of using paint brushes.You can buy individual paints if you want and pretty much every one of the craft paint name brands carry the enamel paint.

4. When designing I chose to use a stencil for one glass. You can find the stencils in the same area of the craft store as you find the enamel paint. Most of the designs on the glasses are hand drawn or written.

5. Allow the glasses to dry for at least an hour but to be absolutely sure let them dry for 2-4 hours.

6. Lastly, you want to cure the glasses. Place the glasses on a lined cookie sheet. I used aluminum foil.

Place in a cold oven and set the oven for 350 degrees for 30 minutes.Then, turn the oven off and leave the glasses in the oven to cool completely. Do not put the glasses in a hot oven because they will break! The glass needs to heat up gradually.

7. Once the glasses are completely cool make sure to wait 72 hours before using them.

See how simple this was! Now hop to it and try a new craft today..... Let the crafting begin!

Later for now....
Renee~from Illinois

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deep Thoughts by KiM (Not ReaLLy DeeP)

These are thoughts that I have throughout the day that I feel I need to Share with you or anyone listening.  Since moving to TeXas I am alone a lot in my house with my thoughts.  LOL

Deep Thoughts by KiM (Not ReaLLy Deep)

I just ran to Starbucks because I needed to pick up my Tazo China Green Tips Tea I am almost out.  I am drinking that all day long.

I also ran over because I wanted to see the inside of our NEW Starbucks, and they were giving away the bracelets they sell for free today if you ask.  I asked and I have one. THANK YOU Starbucks!!  I am sure I will be wrangling it away from my youngest who was staking claim to it this morning before I even went.

I like living in TeXas its 82 degrees and FULL Sun...I am in shorts and tee shirt...Its NOVEMBER.  Poor Ray living in the cold corrupt state of Illinois.

I was selected to host a free house party from Mrs. Prindable's Gourmet Treats. I am very excited this is my first House Party. Mrs. Prindable's will be sending a bunch of their Gourmet Gifts for us to Try.  I am so torn between the Chocolate Covered Pretzels and the Chocolate/Carmel Apples.  After the Party I will post some of the pictures of the Delish Desserts, and let you know what they sent and how the party was.

Have been run/walking twice a week for about 5.6 miles each time. And BootCamp M, W, F.  Shins are killing me...going to have to pull out the fancy compression socks soon. You would think I would be a rail with all this working out...The Problem is that D@mn thing called Food.  UGH!!

At the End of the Day~ Moving to TeXas is not so bad...Still trying to figure out how to move Renee' here with me. Then all will be well with the world. ~Kim from TeXas

A is for Annoying ~OMG I am Losing My MIND

A while back I did an A is for Annoying on this very same topic.  I feel it is a never ending saga and it started again on Tuesday.

The CraZy Smoke/CO2 Detectors are going off again in my house.

I was minding my own business after the kids went off to thing I hear BEEP! UGH your kidding right.  Smoke Detector going off.  Great...Head to get the last 9v battery I have and popped that puppy right in and done.  The rest of the day great no issues.

Fast forward to that night we are getting ready to go to sleep.  Just finished with the news 10:30 p.m.and shut the TV off.....aaahhh sleep.  Nothing...Nothing....BEEP.

OMG Really...I immediately get up and start heading for the bedroom door to find the Beeper...Now I just used my last battery in the one earlier today so I have none left...think...think...Oooh I have some in the metal detector in the garage. We are now in a holding pattern before we head out to get the batteries and ladder we must wait to find out which one is beeping.  Were Waiting....Were Waiting....Were Waiting....Were Waiting....Nothing...So I figure well better head out to get those batteries.  H follows to get the ladder as soon as we are in the garage getting the stuff....BEEP.  UGH are you KIDDING ME!!

We head back in with our arsenal of items waiting for the beep.  BEEP ahh gotcha.  Put the new battery in and we are back in business... leave the ladder....Heading back to bed.

All comfy in bed start sleeping....Zzzzz. Zzzzz. BEEP. Look at the clock 11:30 p.m. UGH Oh Gee thanks for waiting till I fell asleep before you started BEEPing.  We head back out waiting for the BEEP. Wait for it...Wait for it....BEEP.  UGH its the one in the spare room.  That is the one I just changed that morning.  H "maybe you put it in wrong" who knows it was not beeping earlier.  H fiddles with it changing the way it goes in and hit Reset.

That's FUN try hitting reset on your smoke detectors...In our house it beeps every single one.  That means Hello Boys hope you are not trying to sleep because there are one in each of their rooms and right in the hall outside their rooms.  LOL..Sad thing is they did not hear it at all.

Okay so we should be good to go.  We now learned our lesson be sure to wait a minute and see before heading back to bed.  Were Waiting....Were Waiting.... BEEP!!  OMG did that just happen...H is so over this he twists the thing off the ceiling and pulls the battery we leave it dangling from the ceiling and go to bed.

All comfy in bed start sleeping...Zzzzz. Zzzzz. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.  H's alarm clock decides to go off at midnight.  SERIOUSLY what is going on.  I know its Halloween eve and all but Really this is SOOO not funny.

Halloween...I am so tired from getting maybe 4-5 hours of good sleep if that.

Fast forward to after trick or treating...the boys are in bed..H was super tired went to bed early.  I am up watching the news and head into bed around 10:30 start reading my book.

Gunner (dog) walks in our room and lays down by the bed.  Gurgle, gurgle, (imagine the noise of your stomach growling, gurgling so loud that people can hear it clear as day, it sounds like the scene in the movie Bridesmaids after they ate the bad food) Really Gunner what is the matter with you. I am thinking you better not poo....UGH what is with the crazy noises.

Shut the book and try to sleep but can't over the CrAzy noises my dogs intestines are making.  What is Wrong with this DOG??  H is totally passed out not a care in the world...Sleeping and nothings going to wake him up...Continue with the Dog Noises....then it happens....BEEP

OMG are you kidding me?? What is going ON?  Crazy Gunner Gurgling Noises...And now this...Hoping H will hear it and get up...BEEP....nope not even a stir....BEEP....Gurgle GUrGle...BEEP....ARRRGGGHHHHH

I get up and stomp out of the bedroom and get the Stupid ladder that is still in the spare room pull the battery that we just replaced out and put it back in.  Ahhh nothing...Head down the ladder start putting it away....BEEP  OMG I am so MADD....why is H still sleeping.  HELP ME....

I head into the bedroom and close the door...HA beep....well at least it sounds further away.  I will let it just beep all night then...And Gunner you are not coming in with your Crazy Gurgling Intestines.  So what does the dog do...Leans right up to the door.

Now through the door I hear Gunner and his crazy intestinal noises and the beep.  Put the pillow over my head to hopefully drowned out the noises.  UGH I could not be so lucky...

Next morning H gets up...whats with the Smoke Detector??  Well it started going off last night, I tried to fix it, did not work, so I left it with the Crazy dog and his loud intestines to fight it out.

H does something to it and the Smoke Detector stopped beeping.  Phew.  He leaves for work and the kids and I are about to walk outside right under the Smoke Detector and BEEP.  We all look at each other...Are you Kidding me?  UGH  the dog even twitched.  LOL

I come inside and let it BEEP for a while perplexed as what to do?  I go get the stinking ladder out of the Garage and come in and do this to it.....

Now I give it my two middle fingers and say a few nice things to the smoke detector then walk off in silence.

It is now Saturday morning and I have to go check with my H because I swear I heard it going off again this morning.  He got up early so I am not sure if I was dreaming or it was actually Beeping.  Let me go check....

Oh Yeah it was the one in the Spare Room that was going off this morning.  I am not going CraZy yet!!

At the End of the Day we are going to totally replace these Stupid Smoke Detectors that have been driving me CraZy. ~Kim from TeXas

Okay so before I go looking for new ones I found the Company Web Site and called them.  She had me do all this Wonky stuff to the detectors.  Before I run out to get new ones I will wait and see if her Wonky stuff works.

Well the Wonky stuff did not work they started beeping.  I called the company back and the new lady had me read the date on the back 2007 November 12.  Well she says that they only last 5 years then they go bad.  Yes mine are bad.  Off to Amazon I go to purchase two new ones $68 dollars later they are being shipped and should be good for another 7 Years.  

Now the question is how long till the 50 others in my house decide to go bad.

Have you had this happen to you??  Tell me I am not the only one going CraZy leave me your story in the comment section.