Friday, August 31, 2012

What I Won or got for Free This Week ~ A Whole Lotta Stuff.

It is AmaZing to me what you can get for free on line.  You just fill out a form give them your basic info and just like that you get all this StuFF.  I hope you find this as fascinating as I do.  

A little background as to why I am enjoying this so much. I have a degree in Marketing and a M.S. in Marketing Communications and because of that I LoVe Marketing/Advertising. When I send out for the free items I am participating in the direct mail portion of Advertising.  

I then like to analyze does getting these free samples equate to me purchasing the product. What does the packaging it comes in look like?  What does the paper it is printed on feel like, what kind of paper did they use? Do I have to go to a store to get my free sample?  ETC.  Needless to say there is a reasoning to my madness of getting things for free. It's actually research.  :)

 Lets take a look what came in the mail this week. 

L'OCCITANE sample was sent to me in an email as a coupon to bring in the store.  BUmmER because most likely I will not be going to their stores anytime soon.  The reason why is because there is not any close to where I live.  Oh but wait...dear husband needs new work clothes so we get to go to the BIG mall that has all the fun high end stores.  Ohhh Let me check...Yes they have a L'OCCITANE.  I quick print out the coupon and I am on my way.  I was not going to go out of my way at the Mall to look for it so when we walked passed it I quick ran in.  The associate was great and I received the product quickly and was offered a quick sample to try while she entered my info.  Now I have quite a large sample to try out.  YiPPee.  Marketing - They got me in the store though no extra purchase because I was not ready to buy.

My Next Most EXciTing product is when I joined the Tumbler Nation on Facebook.  I love my Keurig® so when I saw this I jumped at the chance to get a plastic cup to brew mine over ice. I already LoVe the product so in this case it was additional affirmation of my love for the product. Helping me to use it in another way, coffee on ice, and here in Texas its Hot so this comes in handy.

Next sample I received was from Lipton®.  I love these one servings that you just add to water.  This is particularly great because so many times I try a whole box of these just add water tea samples and never end up liking them.  To have a sample and try it first is great.  If I like it I have a coupon for a purchase.  I like green tea so I am hoping that this one will be a WINNER.

Eucerin® is one that I was excited to try. Filled out the form and was hoping for big ole jar of the stuff.  Really? (Sample Kim) yes wishful thinking.  I was sad when I received the sample because it is the size of the little hand wipes you receive when you eat BBQ ribs.  How am I supposed to test it with a sample this small. They do have a QR code on the literature to scan and read their reviews. It also has a coupon on the back.

Tom's of Maine® This next sample has intrigued me the most because first I have never heard of the product and second it is natural.  I have been pretty much wearing the same antiperspirant FOR Ev ER. I am looking forward to giving this one a try.  The mini sample is cute but wait there is a problem.  Went to go open the sample and all the product is stuck in the cap.  Guess I won't be able to try it I will have to see if I can dig it out of the cap.  I did like they gave me stores where I can purchase there product and a coupon. 

Miracle Whip dressing had a great concept giving you samples to keep in your purse, desk or where ever you may need it in an emergency. Included was the two mini samples and a sheet of paper directing you to their Facebook page to interact with them.

Here is another one that is new to me and I am excited to try the small single serve samples.  Nescafe® Memento gives you two flavor samples and a coupon in a cute envelope. Can't wait to try these out. Thanks Nescafe®

At the End of the Day I love Advertising and Marketing. ~Kim from TeXas

Did you get anything free or fun this week?  Which of these products do you use or like the best?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

KiM's CrAfTiNg CloSet CreAtiOn ~ AlterEd CliPBoaRdS

Welcome to KiM's CrAfTiNg CloSet CreAtiOns
I will begin posting my projects that I create, like Renee I too CrAfT and love doing it.  Now that things are settled and we are fully moved in I should have more fun CrAfTs to show.  Enjoy~~

Since moving to Texas I have had to become CrEaTivE as to where all my Scrapbooking and CrAftIng items would go.  The reason why you is because they do not have Basements in Texas.  Yes one more thing I need to get used to.  Now because of no basement I have had to figure out where to house all my StUff. I have moved my Craft Room from the Dungeon (the only unfinished part in my Illinois basement) to an upstairs bedroom closet.  Not sure which is better but I am leaning towards the Closet because it seems to be more inviting since the walls are finished and I am not looking at concrete.

I will take a few pictures of it so you can get an idea of what I am working with then put it in a blog post.  I will make Renee' take a picture of her room too.  She has an AwEsOme one that is in a finished part of her basement.  :)

I then work on my projects in the bedroom on a small craft drawer/table that I can not press too hard on because it will tip.

When I make my crafts I try and use many of the items I have stored in my CrAfT room for years.  Here is an example...the ClipBoards.  Ask me when I got them I have no idea I just remember having them FoRrr Ev Er. My goal with the crafts I do is to not have to purchase anything new only use what I have.

How To Make Altered ClipBoards...

There is tons of Altered ClipBoards out there on Pintrest and all over the Internet so why not add a few more to choose from.  I am not that great on directions but I am going to give it a shot here. 

InGreDieNts for an AltErEd CliPBoArD
  • Clipboard - I got mine from the $$ section I believe from Target but again it has been so long who knows.  It does say on the back it costs $1.00. Must be Target.
  • ModGe PodGe - I used Matte because again it is all I have in my CrEAtIvE CloSeT.
  • Foam Brush- These I get when they are 15 for $1 at the craft stores.
  • White Paint- I have some acrylic white paint from when I was working on another project.
  • 6x6 Scrapbook Paper - These papers came out of a 6x6 paper pad from a Monthly Mixed Media Kit I receive.
  • RuB-Ons - I love Rub-Ons I am really an addict.  I have so many Rub-On letters I don't know what to do with them all.  If you have a craft project for me using these please let me know so I can get rid of them.
  • Cut OuTs/PuNcH OuTs- Any kinds of paper designs that are already precut with designs or you can punch out of sheet of paper.
  • Ribbon - Ribbon colors to match your designs.
  • SandPaPeR- to sand down the edges.

I painted the edges of my clipboard with the white paint mostly at the top because the paper did not go all the way to the top of the clipboard.

You will need 2 sheets of the 6x6 paper in the same theme (like mine). Or YoU Can B CrEaTivE and use two different ones.  Cut the Clip part of the Board out of the paper so it lays flat. Corner round the bottom sheet of paper to match the rounded corners of the CliPBoArD.

ModGe PoDGe the heck out of the clipboard and then press the top sheet of paper down.  ModGe PoDGe the second sheet of paper itself and place it on the bottom of the clipboard so it will over lap the first sheet you placed.

Let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Once dried you can sand around the edges of the clipboard.

After sanding I started adding rub-ons to add design to the paper.  The other two samples I added Cut Outs which I ModGe PoDGed to the clipboard.

Now that everything is adhered to the clipboard I coated the whole thing again with a ton of ModGe PoDGe.  Evenly of course.

Let it dry. Add ribbon to the clip at the top and you are done.

That is it.  Very Easy and FuN to make a few different designs.  Ask Renee' these are a bit different than my usual style so maybe the things I used to like are changing a bit.

At the EnD of the DaY I love to use what I have in my CrAfT CloSeT.~Kim from TeXas.

Have you made an AltEreD CliPbOarD before? How did it turn out?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Eating for Blood Type A...How's that going for you??

I have just received my first book from Amazon.  I am beginning to love Amazon by the way. Who doesn't?  Really?

It was the pocket guide for Eating for Your Blood Type A.  It is a cute little book that has a lot of good information for me because I need to be told what exactly to eat.  That is what this little book does.

Basically it looks like for my blood type I am turning vegetarian with a hint of Chicken/Turkey and some Fish.  Not so bad besides that I hate Turkey unless it is on Thanksgiving or carved in big chunks not the lunch meat style or the turkey breasts that you can bake.

 I have learned that I LOVE beets.  Yes Yes BEETS!!  At first I had no idea how to cook them but then I though you can pretty much YouTube anything these days.  I was able to find a few videos that showed how to cook beets.

I was told by my wonderful boot camp instructor to purchase small beets. I got ones that are small and did not have the greens because they were cheaper. Per the YouTube Video I left the skins on.  I did scrub the heck out of them with a vegetable brush.  Sliced the ends off and cut them in small pieces as seen in the picture.

I put them on a baking sheet, added a bit of water and baked at 325 for 35-40 minutes till they were soft.  When they came out I added 2 tablespoons approximately of Olive Oil, the juice from 2 squeezed lemons and Tastefully Simple Season Salt.

YUM they were great something new that I have never tried.  But I do warn you to not be ShOcKeD, like Asparagus Pee Smell, you will have Red coming out the bottom end.  Beets will stain your hands and everything it comes in contact with.
Eating for A has me experimenting with different vegetables.  In the next few weeks I will be trying out many different things and you all will get to read about it.

I have begun transitioning away from red meat which I have failed already and ate a ton of steak this weekend.  I mean really when our neighbor is cooking this fantastic steak and shaving off bits for us to try how can you resist.  UGH  This by far is going to be hard.  Stop offering me beef, offer me BEETs. (lol)

Another interesting thing that was being passed around at the block party was Chicken Hearts. (Head Tilt) Now if you know me (or don't) I am pretty much up for trying anything within reason. My husband and I decided that if we were on Amazing Race I would be the one to do the food challenges. I most definitely was going to try chicken hearts (gearing up for Amazing Race).  First reaction when seeing them they look like mini wieners (hot dogs) just a bit smaller.  Okay not so bad.  They were grilled I believe so they had the coloring of a cooked hot dog (it was dark and I was standing in the middle of the street with little light).  Bottoms Up!!  I took one and popped it in my mouth.  Initial reaction...they have a casing on them like a hot dog...not bad.  The plate came around again and of course I had to try another one.  Not something that I would buy to make but overall they were good.

Where does one purchase chicken hearts??  Can you go to your local HEB and say hey I would like to purchase 3 dozen chicken hearts? How much do they go for? Do you buy them by the pound or individual?  Can I eat these on my Eating for A?? These are all questions that have popped into my head since the block party.

At the end of the day I love telling people all the weird things I have eaten and now I can add chicken hearts to my list. ~Kim from Texas

What new vegetable do you suggest I try that I can Eat for A?  Have you eaten any weird things lately?

My First Attempt at Chicken Pot Pie.

This is my first attempt at a chicken pot pie.  When I decided I was going to make it I started on Pintrest looking at all these chicken pot pie recipes till I found one that I was going to try.  It so happens that it was a Pillsbury recipe which is fine by me because it makes it pretty simple. 
First thing I did was pull the pie crusts out of the box to let them get to room temperature. Then I got the butter out and let it sit too.

I added the butter to the pot to melt then added the onion for 2 minutes to soften.  Then added the flour, salt and pepper, be sure not to add a ton of pepper like I did by accident.  OOPS Add the broth and milk to the pot it will look like this picture on the left.
Once it becomes thick I add the mixed vegetables and shredded chicken to the pot.

 I add the filling to the pie crust, put the top on, then cut a fun little X in the middle of the Pie. Put it in the oven to bake and wal aah Chicken Pot Pie.


Thank you Pillsbury for a new Family Favorite.

At the end of the day Chicken Pot Pie is AWWWWWsome. ~Kim from Texas

Have you tried this recipe?  How did it turn out for you? 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I won or got free this week...

Free waffles from Waffle House.  I have a printed coupon for a free waffle, now I need to find a Waffle House to go and try their Waffles.  One of my childhood friends always posts on his timeline that he is drinking coffee at Waffle House.  This was when I was back in Illinois and the only thing I remember is seeing Waffle House's as we were passing through the south on our way to Key West Florida for Spring Break. The Allure of The Waffle House has always intrigued me. I am sure when I get there it will be a fast food waffle but at least I won't have to pay for it maybe just my coffee.
Yippee I was getting worried that after entering tons of places for free samples that I would never get anything. But today one finally arrived and it was a good one.

It was from Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner sample.  I am so excited about this one because in the past year I have stopped purchasing the high priced shampoos and decided to get some more affordable shampoo.  When I was deciding what to pick I saw all the green bottles at Target and decided I would try Garnier Fructis.  Glad I did I have been trying out some of the different brands and I will be excited to see how this one works out.  Especially because this morning I must have pulled out a ton of hair that is falling out.  Thank you Garnier Fructis.

At the end of the day entering all my information better pay off soon. I want my mailbox full not from just bills. ~Kim from Texas

What did you get for free or win this week?? Post a comment and let me know.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kim's Likes/Dislikes of Texas or Life this Week.

I dislike that my poor Tomato plants, basil and Lettuce plants did not make it in the pots that I have planted. I am going to have to figure out how to grow food in the ground this gardening in pots is not working so well.

I dislike that I have had to start wearing my compression socks for my shins.  Since I have been working out and running so much more I have aggravated my shins.  I need to find some cute compression socks instead of my BUSTED black ones.  Which I am sure will be great running in down here in Texas.

I love that my dearest children start school next week.  I don't know what to do with my self I get so giddy thinking about it.

I love that I am on a street that plans block parties and we are having one this weekend.

I dislike that poor Renee' is starting back to work this week and she has less time to write blog posts. :(  

I am really not liking the fact that when I turn on the cold water it is never really cold.  How are you supposed to run things under cold water when you don't really have cold water?  I burned my finger cooking the other day and ran for the sink to run my finger under cold water.  Really? What was the point it felt like warm/hot water.  UGH

I love that both my boys are on the same football team only two years apart. I only need to buy one shirt to cheer the team on and I can use it at both games.

I don't like that the street lights are turned sideways here in Texas. I am not getting used to this besides the fact that the turn lane signal will decide at any time to turn green.  Those moments I use to wait for it to change green and do something like take a drink,  I can't because it may suddenly turn green while the traffic next to you is still going straight.  I have used this photo from a sharing site and I am giving it credit not sure how to do this yet so you get the whole link.  

I did find out why the street lights are sideways while trying to find a photo.  Its because when there is a hurricane it produces less stress on the street lights from the weather.  That way they will keep working and not fall off.  I had no idea...I thought it was to just annoy the C$@P out of me.

Still trying to figure out all this crazy BLOG linking and many other things being a Newbee Blogger. That would be a DisLike.

At the end of the day I am still happy we moved and sad that Renee' is not writing faster. (love you Ray) ~Kim from Texas

Let me know what you Liked or Did Not Like this week?