Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A is for Annoying...Phrases & Words = Nails on a Chalk Board

Many of you know that I REALLY HATE the phrase:

I am going to be true to myself
Be true to your self
any version of that pertaining to being true to your self or anything!!

It goes back to years and years ago when the Bachelor was first on...I think it was in its first or second season when people actually watched it because it was new.  On one of the shows someone (don't remember who exactly) said "I need to be true to myself"or some version of that.  

H and I looked at each other totally annoyed because that was the dumbest thing I have heard.  REALLY? Head Tilt. We had a long conversation about how that we did not like that saying and thought it was a DUMB thing.  

Fast forward a bit...we now start hearing it more and more on television....

Fast forward a bit more...It is now in this cool new song Too Close by Alex Clare that is totally ruined and I can not listen to because I can not sing the line "Got to be true to myself"  UGH

Now fast forward to Sunday NFL Football and the Stupid NFL football commentators just spewed out of their mouths...He has to be true to himself....BLAH BLAH BLAH.  H and I stop dead in our tracks....Did he just say that??  UGH they have infiltrated FOOTBALL!!  

I Ask is there no where this phrase will not go?  Now listen tell me how much you start hearing this and I too hope you will partake in my PAIN I receive from hearing this Phrase UttereD!!

And those of you who are my friends please do not try tormenting me in person by using this in our conversation...You may find my drink in your lap after I begin Vomiting.  LOL

Now if this is not bad enough....
My dearest older son has recently begun using this word "EPIC".  Head tilt  Really?  A few months ago he would utter it in occasional conversation...Mom if this happens it would be "EPIC." OKaY...odd choice of words but let it slide

Fast forward a few weeks ago...Epic has become the word my children utter about anything that we "Oldies" would have considered COOL....It is now EPIC.

Over the holiday weekend I kid you not I have heard EPIC on TV shows...Because H and I would point it out to each other...TV COmmerciaLs now are using the word EPIC.

AnD YES they have Infiltrated NFL FootBall once again with the NFL Make it EPIC Marketing Campaign.  

Now at this point I don't have the pain associated with the word EPIC as I do with the phrase "Be True to MYselF."  but if it continues I can't guarantee that I won't projectile vomit at the word EPIC if it becomes too over used.

What other words or Phrases do you hear in the media or people say often enough to invoke a pain in your Brain?  Please share them with me so I am not alone.  

At the End of the Day...I hope to bring you into my Phrase/Word pain every time you now hear "be true to myself" and "Epic" ~ Kim from TeXas.

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