Friday, December 7, 2012

~3~ ChatteR from Renee' & KiM

A Big Thank you to Grace is Overrated for letting us link up to her weekly and share our answers to her doodling journal pages.  I will be linking each page from her site so if you want to print them out and follow along click through the links.

Renee' and I will be answering these Cool Journal Doodling pages weekly.  On to Page 3. (Click "Page 3" to view the blog post from Grace is Overrated for the actual print out.)

Today's To-Dos

One thing I've already done:
Kim: Walked 4 miles
Renee: Drank two 32 oz. diet cokes, yes I'm an addict

One thing I'll get to before quitting time:
Kim: Finishing a few more blog posts
Renee: Work on another craft project I've started

One thing I'd like to get to but won't stress about if I don't:
Kim: the 50 Million things still To DO on my To Do liSt
Renee: calling and making appointments for various things

Last time I stayed out all night:
Renee: Wow! Can't even remember. Probably when I earned my first Master's degree and went out with a friend until about 4:30am. Obviously, before kids!
Kim: After College partying in the city watching the sun coming up on the lake front as I am Driving Home from the Bars.

Last time I drank Champagne:
Renee: My wedding???
Kim: Last Christmas Mimosas 

Last time I blew bubbles:
Renee: Last summer with my littlest guy
Kim: A few years ago when my kids were young

Last time I danced:
Renee: Yesterday. I love dancing. Even if it just for a minute.
Kim: When I went out with the BUNKO girls and danced.

Last time I sang:
Renee: Yesterday, Christmas carols
Kim: In the Car this morning.

1 thing I'm really good at:
Kim: Organizing people to do things.
Renee: snoring

1thing I'm not so good at"
Kim: Math
Renee: letting the stress go sometimes

1 thing I'm learning how to do:
Kim: Blog, get more readers and to get more of you to comment.  
Renee: eat better, slowly.....

Lightning Round
# of Keys on my keychain:
Renee: 3
Kim: 1

I know what each key is for: Yes or No
Kim: Yes

# of people I see if I look outside right now:
Renee: Can't see outside, I am in a place where there is no windows at the moment
Kim: NONE :(

3 Lovely things:
Kim: Well I have an issue with the word LOVELY (of course I do right??)not a word that I use to describe anything. "Gee dear that was Lovely don't you think?" YEP not mine will be things that I think are EPIC (see this post to read about why EPIC)
1. Monthly Club Kits (blog post coming soon)
2. I am going on Vacation soon
3. Our BLOG :)
1. Babies' laughs
2. Babies' smiles
3. Wonderful scenery like something majestic looking

In 1998 I was:
Kim: living in Illinois and had not met Renee' YET...
Renee: married a year and living in Naperville

Three Unnecessary items in my purse/bag/desk:
Renee: a couple of kids' toys, a random magazine, old notes that I have not gotten the chance to throw away yet
Kim: Receipts, 50 million club cards that I don't use, coupons that keep expiring on me.

I was born before the invention of:
Kim: CD Player maybe even a tape player
Renee: a lot

If only I would be_________Right now.
Renee: in Maui, oh... that's right, Kim is going to be there soon....:)
Kim: employed

I Love____
Renee: "ditto" Kim
Kim: MY FAMILY!! and you too Renee'

Tell us your favorite answers...Renee from Illinois & ~Kim from TeXas.


  1. Hi Renee and Kim -- love reading your answers. As always, it's such fun to see my prompts in action. Kim, I love your reaction to the word lovely. I'll have to work EPIC into an upcoming page. :)

    One thing I've already done: had a chipped filling replaced at the dentist. :(

    One thing I'll get to before quitting time: some serious number crunching. (also :( )

    One thing I'd like to get to, but won't stress about if I don't: baking a batch of peanut butter cookies with my girls (not essential today, but I'm guessing we'll probably get to it.)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Christie...We love filling these out. I am glad you can pick up some inspiration from our page for your Journal pages. :)

    YUM I think Renee' would love your Peanut Butter Cookies...She is my Peanut Butter Chocolate Addict.