Friday, November 2, 2012

KiMs Likes/Dislikes This WeeK

Automotive makers specifically put in turn signals to be USED!! Why is it that I feel more people here in TeXas do not use their turn signals. Sorry Random man in your pimped out gold Cadillac SUV. I just thought you were on your cell phone constantly trying to swerve into my lane. I did not realize (hence the use of a turn signal would have indicated to me that) you needed to actually get over to turn. A@@ Wipe.

To the Cashier at HEB you make me laugh.  H and I went to get groceries to make our homemade Giordano's Pizza.  We are both sporting our Jerseys I in my Minnesota Viking and H in his Chicago Bears.  You proceeded to tell me that you hope the Bears Lose because your Ex is a Bears fan and you just root against the Bears because its his favorite team.  Thanks for the Fun Entertainment while checking out....

Oh and by the way I resisted the HEB Tortilla Machine and did not get any. Of course the second I get home I am kicking my self for not picking up a 10 pack.  HA!!

I love China Green Tips TaZo Tea

Pretty much everyone here rents a storage unit because there is not a lot of storage in our homes.  Mostly because we don't have basements to put all our overage JUNK.  Luckily we have a HUGE crawlspace above our garage.  I dream of how I could finish this off and make a HUGE craft room instead of my CloSeT CrAft RooM.  Anyway I have regressed AgaIn.  My dear neighbor asked if I would like to join her on a journey of errands.  Sure what the heck...Well we had to stop at her Storage Unit.  I laughed..."you have a storage unit?"  Why? doesn't everyone??  We pull up to one of the indoor kind.  I always pass by these and wonder how people get their stuff in here...Well now is my chance to find out.  First off if you can make it past the CREEPY elevator and the eerie noises, the metal gate that goes up and down, and watching the cinder block walls go by as you go to your floor before having a heart attack.  You will come to this...
Rows and Rows of this white metal that is ribbed...UGH what is lurking around the corner...I can't believe that she comes here by her self....I would so be packing if I came here alone. One noise and I would have a heart attack for SURE.  As I was standing here it reminded me of Storage Wars which I love to watch...Now I know why they have a TeXas Storage Wars...because there is literally one on every corner here in TeXas. People that own these are probably making BANK.

Our next errand took us to a gardening place which helped me because in Jan/Feb I will be planting some citrus trees and avocado trees (yippee I won't have to pay a $1 for one avocado any more) and a small garden.  They have tons of tips and different kinds of plants.  As we were walking around there were tons of Monarch Butterflies all around and this little guy is a Monarch Caterpillar (that is what the lady told me so I am going with it) eating a huge plant of dill.  

You know whats coming up right there...My gardening Drama posts...LOL  I grew up in the Midwest I know what grows up there...I have NO idea what grows in TeXas.

At the EnD of the DaY my Likes/Dislikes are becoming more short stories...Hope you enjoy ~Kim from TeXas

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