Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A is for Annoying ~OMG I am Losing My MIND

A while back I did an A is for Annoying on this very same topic.  I feel it is a never ending saga and it started again on Tuesday.

The CraZy Smoke/CO2 Detectors are going off again in my house.

I was minding my own business after the kids went off to thing I hear BEEP! UGH your kidding right.  Smoke Detector going off.  Great...Head to get the last 9v battery I have and popped that puppy right in and done.  The rest of the day great no issues.

Fast forward to that night we are getting ready to go to sleep.  Just finished with the news 10:30 p.m.and shut the TV off.....aaahhh sleep.  Nothing...Nothing....BEEP.

OMG Really...I immediately get up and start heading for the bedroom door to find the Beeper...Now I just used my last battery in the one earlier today so I have none left...think...think...Oooh I have some in the metal detector in the garage. We are now in a holding pattern before we head out to get the batteries and ladder we must wait to find out which one is beeping.  Were Waiting....Were Waiting....Were Waiting....Were Waiting....Nothing...So I figure well better head out to get those batteries.  H follows to get the ladder as soon as we are in the garage getting the stuff....BEEP.  UGH are you KIDDING ME!!

We head back in with our arsenal of items waiting for the beep.  BEEP ahh gotcha.  Put the new battery in and we are back in business... leave the ladder....Heading back to bed.

All comfy in bed start sleeping....Zzzzz. Zzzzz. BEEP. Look at the clock 11:30 p.m. UGH Oh Gee thanks for waiting till I fell asleep before you started BEEPing.  We head back out waiting for the BEEP. Wait for it...Wait for it....BEEP.  UGH its the one in the spare room.  That is the one I just changed that morning.  H "maybe you put it in wrong" who knows it was not beeping earlier.  H fiddles with it changing the way it goes in and hit Reset.

That's FUN try hitting reset on your smoke detectors...In our house it beeps every single one.  That means Hello Boys hope you are not trying to sleep because there are one in each of their rooms and right in the hall outside their rooms.  LOL..Sad thing is they did not hear it at all.

Okay so we should be good to go.  We now learned our lesson be sure to wait a minute and see before heading back to bed.  Were Waiting....Were Waiting.... BEEP!!  OMG did that just happen...H is so over this he twists the thing off the ceiling and pulls the battery we leave it dangling from the ceiling and go to bed.

All comfy in bed start sleeping...Zzzzz. Zzzzz. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.  H's alarm clock decides to go off at midnight.  SERIOUSLY what is going on.  I know its Halloween eve and all but Really this is SOOO not funny.

Halloween...I am so tired from getting maybe 4-5 hours of good sleep if that.

Fast forward to after trick or treating...the boys are in bed..H was super tired went to bed early.  I am up watching the news and head into bed around 10:30 start reading my book.

Gunner (dog) walks in our room and lays down by the bed.  Gurgle, gurgle, (imagine the noise of your stomach growling, gurgling so loud that people can hear it clear as day, it sounds like the scene in the movie Bridesmaids after they ate the bad food) Really Gunner what is the matter with you. I am thinking you better not poo....UGH what is with the crazy noises.

Shut the book and try to sleep but can't over the CrAzy noises my dogs intestines are making.  What is Wrong with this DOG??  H is totally passed out not a care in the world...Sleeping and nothings going to wake him up...Continue with the Dog Noises....then it happens....BEEP

OMG are you kidding me?? What is going ON?  Crazy Gunner Gurgling Noises...And now this...Hoping H will hear it and get up...BEEP....nope not even a stir....BEEP....Gurgle GUrGle...BEEP....ARRRGGGHHHHH

I get up and stomp out of the bedroom and get the Stupid ladder that is still in the spare room pull the battery that we just replaced out and put it back in.  Ahhh nothing...Head down the ladder start putting it away....BEEP  OMG I am so MADD....why is H still sleeping.  HELP ME....

I head into the bedroom and close the door...HA beep....well at least it sounds further away.  I will let it just beep all night then...And Gunner you are not coming in with your Crazy Gurgling Intestines.  So what does the dog do...Leans right up to the door.

Now through the door I hear Gunner and his crazy intestinal noises and the beep.  Put the pillow over my head to hopefully drowned out the noises.  UGH I could not be so lucky...

Next morning H gets up...whats with the Smoke Detector??  Well it started going off last night, I tried to fix it, did not work, so I left it with the Crazy dog and his loud intestines to fight it out.

H does something to it and the Smoke Detector stopped beeping.  Phew.  He leaves for work and the kids and I are about to walk outside right under the Smoke Detector and BEEP.  We all look at each other...Are you Kidding me?  UGH  the dog even twitched.  LOL

I come inside and let it BEEP for a while perplexed as what to do?  I go get the stinking ladder out of the Garage and come in and do this to it.....

Now I give it my two middle fingers and say a few nice things to the smoke detector then walk off in silence.

It is now Saturday morning and I have to go check with my H because I swear I heard it going off again this morning.  He got up early so I am not sure if I was dreaming or it was actually Beeping.  Let me go check....

Oh Yeah it was the one in the Spare Room that was going off this morning.  I am not going CraZy yet!!

At the End of the Day we are going to totally replace these Stupid Smoke Detectors that have been driving me CraZy. ~Kim from TeXas

Okay so before I go looking for new ones I found the Company Web Site and called them.  She had me do all this Wonky stuff to the detectors.  Before I run out to get new ones I will wait and see if her Wonky stuff works.

Well the Wonky stuff did not work they started beeping.  I called the company back and the new lady had me read the date on the back 2007 November 12.  Well she says that they only last 5 years then they go bad.  Yes mine are bad.  Off to Amazon I go to purchase two new ones $68 dollars later they are being shipped and should be good for another 7 Years.  

Now the question is how long till the 50 others in my house decide to go bad.

Have you had this happen to you??  Tell me I am not the only one going CraZy leave me your story in the comment section.

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