Friday, November 23, 2012

~2~ ChaTTer from Renee' and KiM

A Big Thank you to Grace is Overrated for letting us link up to her weekly and share our answers to her doodling journal pages.  I will be linking each page from her site so if you want to print them out and follow along click through the links.

Renee' and I will be answering these Cool Journal Doodling pages weekly.  On to Page 2. (Click "Page 2" to view the blog post from Grace is Overrated for the actual print out.)

Today I am grateful for:
Kim: Waking up
Renee: not having to go the er or urgent care for sick kids

3 things I will do well today:
Renee: drive, sing along with the radio, help kids with homework
Kim: Walk/Run 6 miles, Help my Boys with Homework (Renee' is copying me), Blog.

Bonus question:

The one thing that scares me more than anything else is:
Kim: Same as Ray...Something happening to my Kiddos
Renee: something terrible happening to one of my children


Favorite Candy:
Kim: Chocolate Covered Rasins
Renee: Snickers at the moment but usually Reeses peanut butter cup

Best Restaurant Meal Ever:
Renee: dolmades from Greek Islands in Chicago
Kim: Where I first at Gnocchi from a small restaurant in Venice, Italy more than 20 years ago

Favorite City:
Renee: Ka'anapali
Kim: Toss up Las Vegas/Maui

Best Party Ever:
Kim: The one I had every year in Collage during Christmas Break.  You know the ones those of you who partied in my Basement.  LOL!! (I have pictures I should dig some out)

Best Kiss Ever:
Kim: Bella & Edward...I am into Twilight since the last one is coming up.
Renee: my husband, of course:)

Favorite Song:
Renee: Right now, Home by Phillip Phillips
Kim: All Time Favorite Pictures of You, The Cure, Favorite All Time Band Pearl Jam

Best Vacation Ever:
Kim: Australia with my H.
Renee: Maui with my hubby this past summer

Favorite Cliche': 
Renee: Knock your socks off!
Kim: At the End of the Day...

Favorite Weather:
Kim: 83 degrees and Sunny.
Renee: warm, not too humid

Tell us what your favorites are....

~Renee' from Illinois & Kim from TeXas

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  1. Loved reading your answers! Your blog is such fun; a testament to happy friendship.

    Favourite candy: mini Skor bars
    Best vacation ever: wandering the East Coast with the fam
    Favorite weather: stormy (not so stormy as to cause damage)

    And Pearl Jam. Oh how I loved Pearl Jam. :)