Monday, October 29, 2012

KiMs Likes/Dislikes these past FEW Weeks...

Pumpkin Race Mobile
OKAY so I have been a sLacKer on the BLOGGING lately but its because we have been sOOOO busy these past few weeks that I am finally coming down from CRaZY.

We have had H birthday, my 40th birthday, our anniversary, Just DrAma, Halloween party, PuMpkin Races, two football games, tons of football practicing, school work and events, and finally Halloween in two days.  

My Birthday Breakfast
I can not wait till November for things to Slow Down....Yeah Right what am I thinking I have some family coming in for Thanksgiving...I have to find out where you get a fresh turkey in this neck of the CountrY.

Love/Hate that I have eaten 30 million cupcakes for my birthday...They just kept 'em coming all week long  YUM!!

Very Happy that I have a week off of BooT CamP!! She has been kicking our Butts and I have been exhausted.

HEB Tortillas

OMG I can't stop eating HEB Tortillas.  UGH Someone stop the madness...Kill the tortilla machine at HEB...this is the only way to get me to stop eating them.

Like that my kids science program at the school is so cool they keep telling me how much fun they are having.

Like that I can go on line at any given moment and know exactly what my kids grades are and see the grade on the test they just took.  SOOO COOOL

Mixed feelings on....Its getting colder here and I feel as if my body has reverted to a southerner because I have been freezing.  UGH my blood has thinned already...It is sad because I miss the warm weather...LuckLy it will be back in the upper 80's by Friday.  YEA.

Love that we are getting more people joining our Card Swapping and we are up to 41 people liking our Facebook page.

Miss my friends Ray, A, L, J and many more.

Applied for a Part Time Job hopefully it works out so I don't go MADD here in my Dwelling.

Don't like that my kids use their bedrooms as a dumping ground and can not put their clothes in the LARGE Hamper I have provided them?  Can someone explain why they can not just drop the clothes two inches more into the basket?  What is it about the Floor that they Like So much?

Like that my new friend C comments on our blog...THANK YOU!!  Feel free to leave your comments or questions for me or Renee'.

Don't like that I think a speaker is out on my IPhone :(

Peanut Butter/Nutella Rice Cake
Peanut Butter/Nutella Banana
I am LOVING Nutella and Peanut butter.  Every time I find someone pinning Nutella I will Pin it.  I love the CombinAtion of the Two. I have been eating them on Rice Cakes.  Because really who just eats rice cakes with nothing on them.  I DON'T like flavored rice cakes YUCK so I just top them.  Then you have bananas...I love chocolate covered bananas.  I also love sliced bananas over a tortilla spread with Peanut butter.  Just add Nutella and WhAL Ahh you have a YUMMY Treat.  I think I may have run out of HEB tortillas so I just stuck the peanut butter/Nutella on the Banana directly and just at that...Probably saved me 100 Calories.   Do you LOVE Nutella tell me what you do with the STUFF.  

I love when Gunner does silly things like lay half under the coffee table and stick his head out the side.  Sorry for the CreePy eye shot took a ton of photos and could not get the FlashY eyes out.

Love my Monthly Box Obsession.  Here is what Gunner Gets Monthly from BarkBox. Such fun Treats.  (Just a note if you click through to BarkBox I will get a credit if you join in my Monthly Box Obsession) This month he really liked the Feelgood treats.  Not so much with the Mustache he pretty much just chews the Stash. I want him to put it in his mouth so I can get a picture of it but he's not having any part of that. I am hesitant to give him the wool snake.  I have envisions of pulling that snake out the other end when he chews it to bits.  (I know many of you have been there that dreaded moment when the stuffing is trying to exit your dog and will not come out.  GOOD TIMES) We have some breath freshener left that one for the Dear H to take care of.  Can always use PooP bags but these are in some FUN Colors.

So thats whats been going on in my NecK of the WooDs.  Do you participate in Monthly Boxes?  Which one is your Favorite that I need to try?

At the End of the DaY I am so Glad that October is almost over so I can RELAX!! ~Kim from TeXas

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  1. I love Nutella!!! It's so yummy ....on anything and everything!! Lol. Did you get the job? I'm still waiting for a call back! So frustrated!