Saturday, October 6, 2012

KiMs Likes/Dislikes about LifE/TeXas this week

I may be behind the 8 ball on this one but I just saw this the other day.  Did you know that on your boxes of tin foil, plastic wrap  or anything in a Tube there is a punch out on the side.  This helps to keep the roll from falling out while you pull out the sheet of foil.  I had no idea.  So for those of you like me who had NO IDEA that this existed I hope I can make your life a little easier now. 
After I pulled the first sheet of foil out it made a really cool tree pattern.  I took a picture I hope you can see it but it was very cool had to share.

OMG this website is so fun. Breed Break Down You choose the criteria of what you want your dog to be and it will give you some choices based on your answer.  I thought it was fun and wanted to share.  Let us know what breed you were matched up with.

Like that this is our Birthday and Anniversary month.  I am turning the BIG 40.  Whoo Hooo. 

Like that I have been craZy walking/Jogging with my neighbor this week 5 miles at a time.  She walks so fast I pretty much have to jog next to her.  It hurts to walk so I have to run. I am jogging for 5 miles whoo hooo. Unfortunately it is about a 14min mile  LOL.

Dislike that it has been getting chilly at football practice and I have to break out a small Under Armor fleece jacket. But I will not pull out the jeans yet. Which leads me to my next dilemma...

Have any of you seen that blog post about old navy jeans vs. some of the other cool jeans and how they make you look.  Click Here to read the UGLY truth. UGH I have been that old navy jean person because it has been convenient.  Now I will be selling all those jeans at my garage sale next weekend.  I can't imagine what I looked like in them. WHY DID NONE OF YOU TELL ME!!! RENEE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND!! I will be moving on to CooLer jeans. I will be heading to Express to purchase another pair of ReRock Jeans.  Thank goodness I do have one pair to tide me over.

At the End of the DaY I realized I am going to have to go through all my Jeans. UGH ~Kim from Texas

Have you seen this "ugly truth about Jeans?" Tell me your thoughts.

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