Wednesday, August 29, 2012

KiM's CrAfTiNg CloSet CreAtiOn ~ AlterEd CliPBoaRdS

Welcome to KiM's CrAfTiNg CloSet CreAtiOns
I will begin posting my projects that I create, like Renee I too CrAfT and love doing it.  Now that things are settled and we are fully moved in I should have more fun CrAfTs to show.  Enjoy~~

Since moving to Texas I have had to become CrEaTivE as to where all my Scrapbooking and CrAftIng items would go.  The reason why you is because they do not have Basements in Texas.  Yes one more thing I need to get used to.  Now because of no basement I have had to figure out where to house all my StUff. I have moved my Craft Room from the Dungeon (the only unfinished part in my Illinois basement) to an upstairs bedroom closet.  Not sure which is better but I am leaning towards the Closet because it seems to be more inviting since the walls are finished and I am not looking at concrete.

I will take a few pictures of it so you can get an idea of what I am working with then put it in a blog post.  I will make Renee' take a picture of her room too.  She has an AwEsOme one that is in a finished part of her basement.  :)

I then work on my projects in the bedroom on a small craft drawer/table that I can not press too hard on because it will tip.

When I make my crafts I try and use many of the items I have stored in my CrAfT room for years.  Here is an example...the ClipBoards.  Ask me when I got them I have no idea I just remember having them FoRrr Ev Er. My goal with the crafts I do is to not have to purchase anything new only use what I have.

How To Make Altered ClipBoards...

There is tons of Altered ClipBoards out there on Pintrest and all over the Internet so why not add a few more to choose from.  I am not that great on directions but I am going to give it a shot here. 

InGreDieNts for an AltErEd CliPBoArD
  • Clipboard - I got mine from the $$ section I believe from Target but again it has been so long who knows.  It does say on the back it costs $1.00. Must be Target.
  • ModGe PodGe - I used Matte because again it is all I have in my CrEAtIvE CloSeT.
  • Foam Brush- These I get when they are 15 for $1 at the craft stores.
  • White Paint- I have some acrylic white paint from when I was working on another project.
  • 6x6 Scrapbook Paper - These papers came out of a 6x6 paper pad from a Monthly Mixed Media Kit I receive.
  • RuB-Ons - I love Rub-Ons I am really an addict.  I have so many Rub-On letters I don't know what to do with them all.  If you have a craft project for me using these please let me know so I can get rid of them.
  • Cut OuTs/PuNcH OuTs- Any kinds of paper designs that are already precut with designs or you can punch out of sheet of paper.
  • Ribbon - Ribbon colors to match your designs.
  • SandPaPeR- to sand down the edges.

I painted the edges of my clipboard with the white paint mostly at the top because the paper did not go all the way to the top of the clipboard.

You will need 2 sheets of the 6x6 paper in the same theme (like mine). Or YoU Can B CrEaTivE and use two different ones.  Cut the Clip part of the Board out of the paper so it lays flat. Corner round the bottom sheet of paper to match the rounded corners of the CliPBoArD.

ModGe PoDGe the heck out of the clipboard and then press the top sheet of paper down.  ModGe PoDGe the second sheet of paper itself and place it on the bottom of the clipboard so it will over lap the first sheet you placed.

Let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Once dried you can sand around the edges of the clipboard.

After sanding I started adding rub-ons to add design to the paper.  The other two samples I added Cut Outs which I ModGe PoDGed to the clipboard.

Now that everything is adhered to the clipboard I coated the whole thing again with a ton of ModGe PoDGe.  Evenly of course.

Let it dry. Add ribbon to the clip at the top and you are done.

That is it.  Very Easy and FuN to make a few different designs.  Ask Renee' these are a bit different than my usual style so maybe the things I used to like are changing a bit.

At the EnD of the DaY I love to use what I have in my CrAfT CloSeT.~Kim from TeXas.

Have you made an AltEreD CliPbOarD before? How did it turn out?

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